Chalgrove Community Primary School

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Connecting Classrooms - South Africa

School Partners: Chalgrove and Adelaide


We are delighted that Chalgrove Primary School have completed the British Council's 'Connecting Classrooms 2' project, which enabled us to carry out reciprocal visits with teachers in Adelaide School in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.  We are hoping to secure further funding in 2017.  


Miss Hudson (Assistant Head) and Mrs Tavender (Year 3) made an initial visit to South Africa in May 2013, Miss.Sutherland (Year 1) followed up the visit in May 2014, and then Miss. Hendry and Mrs. Harris (Year 4) travelled in October 2015.  


We have welcomed to Chalgrove School: Paul Geswendt (Deputy Headteacher), Honan Douglas (Headteacher) and Max Piko (Teacher) from Adelaide School.


Pupil projects have included: sustainable living, human rights and conflict and peace.  Children from both schools have participated in gardening clubs making and selling planters from recyclable materials.  Children have exchanged films and photographs comparing their local communities, which have been displayed during community events.  


These continued projects will support our children in their learning and understanding of Global Citizenship.