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F2 Nursery

F2 Nursery



Welcome back to our Summer Term, we hope you have enjoyed your Easter Holidays.

Our Theme this term is Living Things. We will be learning about farms, minibeasts, baby animals, plants and changing seasons. Listed below are some of the stories we are going to read. If you would like to come into class to help there will be a class rota to sign up to on the Parents Board, your help is greatly appreciated.


The Duck in a Truck

Farmer Duck
Fact books
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
The Munching Crunching Caterpillar
The Lazy Ladybird
The bad tempered lady bird
The very busy spider

Book at Bedtime


Please click on the links to discover more tips on helping your child read at home

How to help your child at Home 


At Chalgrove School our aim is to maximise your child's achievements. You can help us with this at home by:

  • Singing nursery rhymes and number songs
  • Sharing books and poetry
  • Going to the park
  • Recognising numbers 1 - 20
  • Playing games that involve turn-taking, such as snap, dominoes, snakes and ladders
  • Enjoying the library
  • Recognising money
  • Reading and writing their names using the letter names and sounds
  • Practicing writing in lower case
  • Recognising numbers on a clock


Outdoor Learning

Reception class intend to visit Frogmore on Monday and Friday afternoons. Nursery Class will visit on Friday mornings. Your child will need to wear suitable clothing – trousers, wellies and long sleeved tops, all year round please. Waterproof coats when wet.