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How the impact will be measured

How the impact will be measured


The impact of sport and PE in school will be measured in many ways, some of which will be:-

PE self audit- the Youth Sports trust has a self asudit tool so schools can access their current PE provision and identify areas for future delvelopment. Chalgrove school will carry out an audit on an annual basis to track progress. 


Sports Club survey  

To increase and encourage pupils to participate in sports clubs and monitor attendance

Sports Ambassadors - Is now in it's second year following the success of last year. 6 KS2 children plan and lead sports activities, encouraging, inspiring and motivating the children in our school to participate in sport.


Children's responses;

Sports that I enjoy are Netball, Football, Swimming, Dance, Athletics and Hockey. Hockey was extremely fun as some children were kitted up as real Hockey Goal Keepers. I also really enjoyed swimming because I have improved so much. Football was a sport of skill, agility and stamina. It worked us very hard! Netball was fairly easy to pick up, which then was able to boost our confidence. Now I want to be in a netball team outside of school as well. Dance is incredible fun as we enter into competitions and dance our hearts out! Athletics is interesting as it teaches us about the body and running skills. PE makes me feel competitive and happy. It is an up lifting experience.

By Martha


Continued Observations and assessments during lessons to ensure high standards of provision.