Chalgrove Community Primary School

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About Our Governors

The Governing Body is responsible for making sure that the School provides quality education for the children and that Government regulations are applied.  The Head Teacher is responsible for the day-to-day management of the School, but the Governing Body is responsible for setting out the School's aims and policies and, indeed, for appointing the Head Teacher.  It also makes decisions on the School's budget and staffing and ensures that it provides for the needs of all its pupils.

All Governors are appointed to serve a four year term of office.  

On appointment, all Governors attend an introductory training programme provided by the LEA and ongoing training is available throughout their term of office.

The full Governing Body meets at the School at least once each term, as do various Committees to which much of the work is delegated and which have authority to make decisions on behalf of the whole Governing Body.  Committees include those dealing with Staffing, Finance, Curriculum, Buildings Maintenance and Health & Safety and, in addition, there are various panels which meet as needed to deal with specific areas, such as Admissions, Exclusions, Appeals, etc.


Associate Members may be appointed to a specific Committee to provide particular expertise, but are not actually Governors.

It is a Statutory requirement that the Governing Body nominate specific Governors to assume responsibility for monitoring certain areas of School policy, i.e. Literacy, Numeracy, SEN, PSHCE, Child Protection and Diversity/Equality.