Chalgrove Community Primary School

Working Together for Excellence

PE Provision


Chalgrove Primary sports mission statement is reflective of one of our schools rules - Always try our best.


Our PE Curriculum

A wide range of PE is delivered to the pupils, which aims to engage and inspire all pupils. The sports taught are varied ranging from traditional to new and innovative, and are both during the day and as extra curricular clubs. Opportunities include Quidditch, netball, hockey, tag rugby, football, multi skills and dance.


We are keen to develop our staff's skills, therefore regular Partnership meetings are held where expertise is shared within the group. A staff meeting on teaching hockey was held in April 2015, which was open to all the partnership schools and was well attended.


The school is keen to provide a range of extra curricular clubs for the pupils throughout the year. Pupils enjoy having the opportunity to work with different teachers and try sports such as Quidditch, tag rugby, netball, maypole dancing, football, multi-skills, hockey and dance. We monitor participation and check uptake against gender, SEN and free school meals. We also enter a wide variety of competitions in these sports, in an all inclusive approach.



Partnership Work

Our school is part of the Icknield Community College partnership, a group of six primary schools and one secondary, which meet every term to plan competitions for the children and to share good practice. This has benefited the children in providing the opportunity to compete and participate regularly in inter-school activities and use a wider range of resources which the secondary school is able to offer. Competitions we have enjoyed participating in recently include: Sports Hall Athletics and KS1 Football Festival.



Swimming lessons at Thame

Swimming lessons, for children in Years 2 - 6, are now held at Thame sports and art centre, which has incurred significantly higher travelling costs, fees for the lifeguards and swimming teachers.  Fortunately, these costs have been heavily subsidised by our PE grant. We do anticipate a dramatic improvement in the children's progress having a longer time in the pool with targeted teaching.  




Oxfordshire Dance Festival and 'The Great Big Dance Off'

Every year, children in Years 3 - 6 have the opportunity to participate in the Oxfordshire Dance Festival and The Great Big Dance Off competition.  This provides our children with the chance to perform in professional theatres to full audiences.  Rehearsals for this take place each week after school between October and December, February and April each year.  Listen out for the next announcement.



Quotes from pupils


'I feel that PE is challenging but worthwhile the effort.  In PE, I like doing gymnastics because it is a fun sport that anyone can join in with.


PE has had an affect on the way I run, both speed and technique.  It also helps to keep you fit.  Fitness is important.'         YEAR 5 PUPIL



'I think PE helps you by making you fitter and healthier.  In the gym, I like the feeling of being in the air.  There is a point at the top of the jump where you feel weightless and feel like you can fly!'   YEAR 3 PUPIL