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We are thrilled that you are considering applying for a position here at Chalgrove Community Primary School. The recruitment packs give full details of each position and further information about our wonderful school and the Acer trust. 


'Chalgrove is a community school, where pupils and families are put at the heart of the curriculum.  As a class teacher, you have the flexibility to design the curriculum around your pupils needs and your creative strengths.  Chalgrove is an honest and supportive place to work; staff enjoy sharing their experiences with each other and lean on each other when they need advice.  In leadership roles you have a network of colleagues in our partnership of schools with whom you can meet, share and collaborate.' Miss Hudson Year 2 class teacher and Deputy Headteacher 


'Chalgrove Primary is an amazing team, who recognise and continuously work to meet the individual needs of all its pupils, within a fabulous and supportive community. It is exciting to share our creative curriculum with the children and we always search for new and even more exciting ideas.  The creativity enables our children to be keen, confident, and questioning learners. As they begin to reflect they are able to further develop their individual learning and it's incredibly rewarding to be part of that journey. We are fortunate to have our own Forest School, where the children can fish, build dens, cook, run and climb and then translate their learning experiences through various genres in the classroom.' Mrs Hawkins Teaching Assistant

'Working at Chalgrove has given me the opportunity to grow and develop within a team of dedicated and passionate colleagues. I started at Chalgrove as an NQT in 2012 and received very personalised support. I am now working in Year 6 and have had various leadership roles, including that of English Lead and NQT mentor. The school leadership has encouraged me to take on responsibility and has trusted me to take risks in my teaching in order to develop my own style.' Miss Hendry Year 6 class teacher 



'It is fun and there is lots to do. Everyone is nice.'  Fenn age 5


'I like my friends and teachers. We do lots of fun things at school.' Bonnie age 4


'I love my teachers. They always help me and listen to me.' Olivia age 7


'You can trust people if you are worried. People new to the school who may be nervous are helped by the teachers. The teachers make them feel that they are part of our school. They try to include me and everyone and if I have something to say it will be heard by someone.' Denholm age 10


Do come and see us and if you would like further information please call to discuss. 


Please use the Acer application form when applying for either post.


Permanent Phase Leader with Class Teacher responsibilities

Acer teacher application form

Teaching and Learning at Chalgrove