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At Chalgrove After School Club we are a friendly team of qualified and dedicated staff who provide a happy, welcoming place where all children are valued and can play and have fun.


At the end of the school day we will collect younger children from their classrooms and deliver them to the After School Club.


We can also take and collect your child/ren from After School Activities that are held within the School grounds and during our Club hours.


The wide range of activities, games and equipment are chosen by the children themselves.  Our emphasis is on fun, relaxation and play, at the same time showing mutual respect and caring for each other.


It is very much the children's Club, with the flexibility to allow individuals to do whatever they are interested in, get involved in group games and activities or simply take time out on their own if they prefer.  We have a suggestion box available for the children to provide us with any ideas of equipment, games or changes they would like to see at their Club.


We look forward to welcoming you to our Club.


Teresa, Bev, Sam, Janet and Lucy