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Dance Competition 2020


We do not know yet know whether we will be able to compete in the 'Oxfordshire Dance Festival' and the 'Great Big Dance Off' competition in the new academic year 2020/2021.  As soon as I am able to give you more information, I will be in touch.

Throwback - Imagine Dragons 'Top of the World'

GBDO Competition entry 2018/2019 - can you remember any of this from last year? Enjoy watching yourselves again - we will be back on stage!

Dance Club - You Can't Stop the Beat - whole dance

This is what your dance may look like, once you've learnt it using the tutorial video below.

(Choreo: Hairspray UK Tour)

Hairspray The Musical - You Can't Stop The Beat - Dance Tutorial

Learn the choreography to You Can't Stop The Beat with dance captain, Gavin Eden, from the musical, Hairspray.

There's a specific reason I'd like you to have a go at learning this this week...all will be revealed soon!

Good luck!

Grease Dance - PART 5 - The whole dance to music

Despite what I say in the video, this is Part 5! The final video so that you can have a go at putting the whole dance together.
It's a challenge, so will take lots of practice, but don't give up! You can do it! Try for a little while and then come back to it on another rainy day. Remember practice makes perfect :)

Dance Club - (Choreo cred: Jo Wilkinson)

Grease dance - PART 4 - Putting the ending to the music

Now that you have learnt the ending, practice doing it with the music. It's still quite fast, so if you find it tricky, just try Part 3 again!

Dance club - (Choreo cred: Jo Wilkinson)

Grease Dance - PART 3 Learning the ending

This is the final part of the dance. Learn it here and then try it to music.

Dance club - (Choreo cred: Jo Wilkinson)

Grease Dance - PART 2 putting it to music

Now you've learnt Part 1, have a go at putting it to music. Watch out - it gets faster and faster!

(Choreo cred: Jo Wilkinson)

Grease Dance - PART 1 learning the main section

Grease the Musical - learn an extract from the song 'We Go Together'. Great fun, but takes A LOT of practice! Have fun and I'll upload the next section of this dance on Friday!

(Choreo cred: Jo Wilkinson)

Mary Poppins Dance Music

Mary Poppins - S.U.P.E.R section