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Curriculum Statement

Learning and Teaching at Chalgrove School


Lifting The Lid

At Chalgrove School we aim to create a place in which passionate and dedicated staff work to develop a culture of creativity, enjoyment and achievement.




It is important that the children, families, staff, leaders, governors and friends understand what it means to belong to our school.  Our prospectus is a snap shot of where we are now; change and adaptation leads us to create new and evolved approaches. We aim to set out what we believe is the best approach to teaching, what we have learned and what inspires us all to keep on improving. The checklists are really for staff, but if you’d like something explained, please ask.


We hope you will get a sense of ‘what we do here’.  If you’d like to visit our school, we’ll eagerly show you what learning and teaching looks like, sounds like and even smells like!


Our Aims

Chalgrove Primary School will be a place where:

  • Individuals are valued and helped to achieve their personal best.
  • Learning and high standards are pursued with integrity and enthusiasm
  • Effective partnerships secure the success of the school.


Our Ethos

Chalgrove Primary School serves its community by working in partnership to provide an education of the highest quality. As a school we celebrate the diversity of the wider community and are committed to the principles of inclusion and equality of opportunity. Through our aims and values we promote and endorse the Government’s aim for every child:

  • To be Healthy
  • To make a Positive Contribution
  • To stay Safe
  • To enjoy and Achieve
  • To achieve Economic Well-being



Our Values

British values are fundamental expressions of what we think and believe. As a school we encourage children to think about personal and social values, so that they develop their capacity to be active and effective future citizens in their local and global community.



Our Core Values

At Chalgrove Primary School our core values are:

  • Hope - ‘Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning’. Albert Einstein
  • Respect - Develop self-respect, and respect for others. Promote inclusion, and appreciate and value the diversity of people’s circumstances and backgrounds.
  • Courage - Be brave, learning means taking risks and making mistakes.
  • Friendship - Value friendship as fundamental to the development and fulfilment of ourselves and others, and the good of the community.
  • Determination - Maintain a ‘can do’ attitude.     


To find out more information about our curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher