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Year 4

To see a photo of your new teacher/s and teaching assistant click on the link below.

Here's an 'All About Me' document to pass onto Year 4 through Mr Benham or email it to

Year 4 Class Tour

Have a sneaky peek at your new classroom.

Story for Year 4

Here are your Year 4 teachers - Mrs McHardy and Mrs Hayes. Watch them tell you a bit about themselves and read you a story called 'This Moose Belongs to Me' ...

Here is a photo of my new classroom.


These are the toilets I will use.




This is the cloakroom where I hang my coat and bags.


I will still have lunch in the school hall.  Sometimes, when it is nice weather I can eat my packed lunch outside.


I will still play on the main playground at break and lunchtimes.


In Year 4 I will get to do Forest School with Mrs. Soper.