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Welcome to Reception!!


We are so excited to meet you all in September. This page is for all new starters in September 2024. Here you will find information about our school, our class and our team. In addition there are some stories and activities for you to watch and do. Please take time to read the links below about how to best prepare your child for school.


Enjoy your summer and we look forward to meeting you all.


Warmest wishes,


Mrs Mackenzie and Mrs Knight

School Readiness

Early phonics activities to do with your child

Mrs Mackenzie reading 'There's a monster in your book'

To see a photo of your new teacher and teaching assistants click on the link below.

This is your classroom

These are the toilets you will use.


You will eat your lunch in the school hall.  It looks like this.


This is the big playground.  You will get to use it sometimes when the older children are inside.  Most of the time I will use the Reception play area.



The Reception play area looks like this.  It is lots of fun!


Once I have settled in to my new class, I will get to go to Frogmore every week. This is the name of our Forest School.