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Keeping Children Safe Online

Many parents may be planning to give electronic devices and gadgets to their children over the festive period, please find some useful information below designed to help parents keep their children safe when using the internet, social media and playing games online.

Please find latest e-safety information and advice below (as of May 2021).  Staying safe online is becoming harder and poses more challenges every day.  We have listed the key areas that are causing our families difficulties on a daily basis.


Facebook / Instagram / TikTok


Did you know that these sites have a minimum age limit of 13, so our pupils should NOT be using them?  These are some of the reasons why...


  • Children of primary age do not yet know how to keep themselves safe online, and can unknowingly share personal information through text or photos, which can not be erased
  • Children under 13 can not comprehend consent forms
  • Young children using 2-way forms of communication are at risk of online grooming and abuse
  • Children of primary school age do not understand that photos shared can be saved by others and will remain online even after they have been deleted
  • Young children aren't confident in reporting or seeking help, when needed



Video games - age ratings


Did you know that online computer games, including Nintendo, PS and XBox games have age ratings?  Check these before letting your child play. 


We often here, "It's only pretend", "It's just a game", "It's cartoon graphics".   Did you know your child's brain hasn't developed enough yet to separate pretend from real-life?  Playing violent games normalises violent behaviour.   Playing these games can cause an increase in angry and unsettled behaviour, reduced sleep and an increased number of bad dreams.


Below are the age ratings for popular games:


FIFA (3+)

Minecraft (7+)

Super Mario (7+)

Lego Star Wars (7+)

Clash of Clans (9+, but 13 for chat function and in app purchasing)

Fortnite (12+)

Legend of Zelda (12+)

Hogwarts Legacy (16+)

Ark Survival (16+)

Spiderman (16+)

Little Nightmares (16+)

Call of Duty (18+)

Grand Theft Auto (18+)



YouTube and YouTube Kids


YouTube is for users age 13+, but YouTube Kids is a kid-targeted version of YouTube that features curated, ad-supported TV shows, music, educational videos, and user-created content.  This is the best app to use for children of primary school age.


YouTube Kids is designed for kids preschool age to age 12 and is available as an app and a website. YouTube Kids allows you to create individual user profiles for each of your kids, so they can each log in and watch videos geared toward their age.


One of the best features of YouTube Kids is the timer, which lets you set a limit (up to an hour) for your kids to play on the app.



Ensure children play age-appropriate games and watch YouTube Kids in the same room as an adult, so that you can moderate the content.