School Logo

Values and Ethos

At Chalgrove Community Primary School we expect every member of our community (children, staff, governors, parents and visitors) to behave in an appropriate and courteous manner towards each other, to be polite, thoughtful and considerate. Our school is a learning community and nobody should prevent anyone else from being able to work, learn,
play and enjoy being at school.


Our 3R's underpin our ethos: 


Ready, Respectful, Responsible 



  • To try
  • To work hard
  • To learn
  • To take risks
  • To be focussed
  • To make mistakes and learn from them
  • To be on task
  • To do as asked - first time, every time
  • To help
  • To be helped
  • To listen


  • Of everyone
  • Of the thoughts and feelings of others
  • Of difference
  • Of individuality
  • Of decisions
  • Of school property
  • Of the property of others


  • For my actions
  • For giving 100% effort
  • For working together
  • For not giving up
  • For challenging myself
  • For being organised
  • For being honest
  • For being caring and kind
  • For always trying my very best
  • For good manners
  • For having a smart uniform
  • For being considerate