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Our approach to the teaching of phonics 

  • We teach whole class discrete phonics lessons daily from Nursery to Year 2
  • Anima Phonics is our chosen scheme of work. It covers the planning, teaching and assessment of phonics
  • All classes consistently use the same language and vocabulary from Nursery to Year 2
  • We use consistent visual aids to help support children’s learning of phonics from Nursery to Year 2.
  • Worksheets from Anima Phonics are sent home and support parents to teach phonics
  • Teachers assess at the start and end of year and at the end of each unit
  • Teachers make informal assessments during each lesson
  • We use our assessments to highlight the lowest 20% and offer extra phonics interventions alongside the daily teaching
  • Our Year 3 teachers assess at the beginning of the year to highlight any gaps that might still be present, and if found phonics learning is implemented as needed 
  • Reading books are aligned to the GPCs being taught and/or known GPCs
  • The school has a phonics lead who closely monitors progress by:
  • Regularly checking assessment grids and interventions
  • Regularly conducting learning walks

To find out more, please find your child's class phonics page, by using the link below: