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Mulberry Bush

Our Mulberry Bush Nurturing Schools Project is aimed to support the development of nurturing practices in our school to improve the wellbeing of all children and staff. Central to the project we have a nurture group for Key Stage 1 children.


The Nurture group itself contains activities to support social and emotional development. The aim of the group is to provide a homely, happy, relaxed and secure atmosphere. The adults will also support children to make progress in their English and maths.


Some quotes from children about Mulberry Bush: 


"We learn to share. If someone has something we want we could ask or play together."

"When my volcano cracked I was sad but then I was happy because a volcano would crack. If I get mad I will try and not crack like a volcano."

"Being kind and saying kind words make us feel happy."

"It can be ok to get help, but it can be fun to make mistakes. You could learn something new."

"I liked trying new snacks. Trying things you haven't before is exciting."



Some quotes from members of staff on the the project: 


It was lovely to see the children's confidence grow. Not just in the Mulberry Group but in their classroom environments too.” 


"The social learning that the children do at Mulberry is reflected in the classroom environment, with children making good choices and becoming roll models for other pupils."