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Our staff team 2023-2024


Leadership team

Ms Gillion - Headteacher
Miss Hudson - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Sykes - SENCO (Tues & Fri)

Mrs Sawyer - School Business Manager (Tues-Fri)


Teaching Team


Mrs Peel - Class Teacher

Mrs Thompson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs White - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Mackenzie - Class Teacher (Mon-Weds)

Miss Hudson - Deputy Headteacher (Thurs/Fri)

Mrs Knight - Teaching Assistant


Year 1 
Mrs Burgess - Class Teacher (Mon-Weds)

Mrs Dodgson - Class Teacher (Thur-Fri)

Mrs Fry - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gibbons - 1:1 Teaching Assistant


Year 2
Mrs Soper - Class Teacher (Mon-Thurs)
Mrs Campbell - Cover Teacher (Fri)

Mrs Macrae - Teaching Assistant


Year 3
Miss Gent - Class Teacher

Mrs Campbell - Cover Teacher (Weds)

Mrs Clough - Teaching Assistant (Mon-Thurs)


Year 4
Ms Gillion/Miss Hudson - Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Rowley - Teaching Assistant (Mon, Thurs-Fri)

Mrs Lawrence - Teaching Assistant (Tues)

Year 5
Miss Rand - Class Teacher

Mrs Gillard - Teaching Assistant (Tues, Thur-Fri)

Mrs Fraser - Teaching Assistant (Thur)

Mrs Hawkins - Pastoral/Nurture Teaching Assistant (mornings)


Year 6                         
Mrs Warner - Class Teacher (Mon-Thur)

Mrs Geggus - Cover Teacher (Fri) & Teaching Assistant (Weds-Thur)

Mrs Campbell - Teaching Assistant (Tue & Thur)

Mrs Ibell - 1:1 Teaching Assistant (Mon-Fri)


Pastoral  & Nuture Team
Mrs Hawkins - Pastoral & Nurture Teaching Assistant and Mulberry Bush Project Lead

Mrs Clough - Mulberry Bush Project Lead


Operations Team


Ms Stone - School Administrator


Mr Winterbourne - Caretaker
Mrs Winterbourne - Cleaner


Lunchtime Supervisors and Catering
Mrs Taylor - Caterlink

Miss Moss - Caterlink

Mrs Gibbons                
Mrs Lawrence              
Mrs Rockall                                     


After School Club
Mrs Dean
Mrs Tracey

Mrs Knight

Mrs Ibell

Mrs Gillard

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