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Welcome to Reception


A big welcome to all our new children and families. We are so excited to get to know you all and begin your learning journey through the school.


Term 1 

This term we will be spending lots of time learning the classroom rules and making sure everyone feels happy and safe. You can help your children at home by using the same language as us:

  • Kind hands
  • kind words
  • walking feet
  • inside voices
  • listening first time, every time
  • ready for leaning
  • respect each other and our toys

We will use our class dojos to reward the children when they are demonstrating positive behaviour.


All about me

We will be getting to know each child by finding out about their families, their likes and dislikes and by letting them explore the learning environment and choosing activities that excite and engage them.



We will be learning to:

  • Sing lots of number rhymes using our fingers - for example, 5 little men in a flying saucer, Alice the camel, 10 in the bed.
  • Count forwards and backwards to 10 using our fingers
  • Subitise to 5 using dice and objects (this is when a child can recognise an amount of spots or objects without counting)
  • Using fives and tens frames to count (Please see attachments below)


We will be learning to:

  • Tune into sounds all around us
  • Explore making different sounds
  • Hear initial sounds in our names and other words
  • Oral segment and blend using robot talk, for example cat becomes c_a_t (your child does not need to be able to recognise letters or words to do this, they just need to be able to hear the sounds)


We will begin to do some mindfulness and yoga as it helps to focus your child's minds and help them with their physical development.

Rainbow Relaxation: Mindfulness for Children

Enjoy this breathing activity! Made to put a smile on your face and relax you.