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Monday 13th July


Hello Reception,


This is our final week of the School year!

You have been amazing and such a lovely class to teach. I will take a lot of great memories away from this year - Frogmore, Dinosaurs, Pirates and of course the Christmas play (our best performance ever!) We are also very proud of you for taking on the extra challenge of learning at home πŸ‘


I thought you might enjoy one final story from Captain Soper this week ☠️ What do you think will happen to those 2 naughty men? What might they plan to steal next? 🧜‍♀️


This week we are planning to have lots of fun and games to end the year. We will make party hats and we may get a little wet! πŸŽ‰

In phonics we will practise the ‘ur’ sound (fur, turn, curl) and the phase 4 tricky words again so that we are ready for Year 1.


In Maths we will be measuring water using lots of containers, bottles, jugs, spoons and cups etc.


On Friday 17th July we will have a final zoom goodbye meeting, we will all be there to wish you a great Summer and lots of fun in Year 1.


The Reception Team πŸ˜πŸ’–



Captain Soper reads β€˜What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside’

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Monday 6th July


Hello Reception,


Last week was the best week so far this term. I got to see more of you than ever before 😁 

Some of you have come back into School this week and some of you joined our zoom meeting on Friday. 

We only have 2 weeks left to go but plenty more fun is in store. ☠️🧜‍♀️


This week you will want to look at the new Transition page for Year 1. Here you will meet your new Teacher, Mrs Burgess and see the Year 1 classroom πŸ‘ There are a couple of tasks for you to do to get ready for next September.

Today I have read a story about a fish with fingers! Do fish have fingers? 🐟

In the story there is a puffer fish 🐑 who becomes very sad. Can you find out why puffer fish have been given this name? What else can you tell me about them?


Perhaps you could paint a picture of a puffer fish like the one below.

This week we will learn a new sound ea (as in sea, leaf, beach) and practise our phase 4 tricky words. Look out on the Year 1 page for this sound.


In Maths we will practise time with a 1 minute timer. We will see how long a minute lasts then find out how many things we can do in a minute e.g. How many times can you write your name? How many star jumps can you do? How many bricks can you put together?


Whatever you choose to do we hope you have fun. 😊

Mrs Soper reads β€˜Barry the fish with fingers’

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Monday 29th June


Hi Reception,


Mrs Thompson and myself are looking forward to teaching both of our groups and getting to see as many of you as possible. Mrs Knight and Mrs Geggus won’t be with us from now on as they have moved to help out in other classes. On Friday it was lovely to see those of you on our first ever zoom meeting πŸ‘ We will continue to have these meetings each Friday until the last day of term.


This week we will look at shells and whales πŸ‹ The story I am reading is called ‘Sharing a Shell.’ We will think about what we like to share and who we like to share with.


Why don’t you find out how big whales can grow too? What do they eat? Perhaps find out the names of different types of whales? Can you let me know what you have found out?🐳


In phonics this week we will practise ai (as in snail🐌) and our phase 4 tricky words. Don’t forget to check Mrs Burgess practising phonics on the Year 1 page.


In Maths we will be doubling. I know lots of you have completed the dinosaur egg doubling sheets which is great. You can practise doubling by using lots of small objects like buttons, toy bricks, cars, pasta or using your fingers. See how far can you go when you double?


Last week we had some new playground markings put down in our area, watch the short clip below to see what it looks like. I hear our new trim trail will be here shortly too!


Have a lovely week everyone 😁



New playground markings

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Mrs Soper reads β€˜Sharing a Shell’

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Monday 22nd June


Hello Reception,


This week we are starting a new topic which will take us to the end of term ‘Under the Sea’ and we will start by learning all about Sharks 🦈 


This week’s story is about a shark who doesn’t listen to his mum and goes into the deep water. Find out what happens and who he meets below. Why don’t you find out a fact about Great White Sharks and write it down for me, perhaps you could draw a picture too?


What is a mermaid’s purse? Can you find out? I have one that I will bring into School this week. (Clue - it has something to do with sharks)


In Maths we will be practising addition with numbers up to 10 and 20. You could do this at home using a worksheet from your home learning pack or find lots of small items to count and add together.


In phonics we will practise phase 3 and 4 tricky words, don’t forget to use the songs at home too. Mrs Burgess in Year 1 has been making phonic sessions for her class and we can use them as well. You will find them on the Year 1 page if you would like to practise your sounds.


Mrs Thompson has made something delicious at home that you might like to try this week in the hot weather!


Whatever you choose to do we hope you have lots of fun. It’s going to be a hot week so don’t forget your suntan lotion and hats please.


Mrs Soper and the Reception Team β˜€οΈ

Mrs Soper reads β€˜Gilbert in Deep’

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Mrs Thompson makes delicious ice-cream!

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Monday 15th June


As we are teaching and moving towards opening school for all children, from today we will be amalgamating our daily updates into one weekly update.  This update will be available to read each Monday and will include a range of suggested activities that you can do throughout the week with your child.  All other home learning, including weekly planning, remains the same and can be found on our home learning page.  If you still have not requested a paper pack, and would like one, please get in touch.


Hello Reception,


This week we will continue with our theme of Dinosaurs but we will also be learning about Volcanoes. You can join in at home too, in your home learning pack there is a Volcano experiment that you can follow at home (we will be doing this in School.) πŸŒ‹


In Phonics we will cover the sounds ow (cowπŸ„, town - phase 3) and look at oe (toe, volcanoes - phase 5.) See if you can find some more words with these sounds in. Write a list or a sentence using as many ow or oe words as you can.


In Maths we will look at 3D Shapes and we will go on a shape hunt inside and outside to see how many we can find. Look at the weekly plan to see which shapes we will hunt for and see if you can do this at home too.


This week I am reading a story that has lots of facts about the T-Rex. I wonder what you will learn, maybe you could write or draw your favourite fact? πŸ¦–


Mrs Macrae has a tasty alternative for you this week too, yum! πŸ¦–πŸŒ‹πŸ˜‹


Those of you at home will have a special delivery through your letterbox this week! The children at School have been writing letters for you, I hope you enjoy reading them. πŸ’–


Have a lovely week,

Mrs Soper and the Reception Team 😊



Mrs Soper reads β€˜There’s a T-Rex in Town’

Still image for this video

Mrs Macrae makes a Dinosaur breakfast and a Volcanic Lunch!

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Friday 12th June


Good Morning Reception,


For those of you in School we noticed some giant footprints had appeared on the floor! Who do you think they belonged too? πŸ¦–


Watch the clip below and see if you can do some of your own measuring around your home or garden. Find some small blocks of the same size (like duplo or Lego) and see how long an object is. You could even use your own footprints to measure. Maybe find out who has the biggest or smallest footprint in your house?

Have fun,

Mrs Soper and The Reception Team πŸ‘


Dinosaur Footprint Measuring Activity

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Thursday 11th June


Hello Reception,


It has been lovely to see you all working so hard at School and at Home, we are still very proud of you all.😊


Today Mrs Macrae will share with you how to make a model dinosaur at home. We have been making these in School and they are on display in the classroom. I will add photos of them at the end of the week. πŸ¦–


Mrs Soper and The Reception Team πŸ’–

Mrs Macrae makes a model dinosaur

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Wednesday 10th June


Today I thought you might like to visit a museum (virtually). I have been to this museum to see the dinosaurs many times with my children but we cannot go to visit just yet.


There are lots of things to see and do in the London Natural History Museum. Select number 5 to go on a virtual tour of the Museum. There are lots of animal skeletons to see including their famous 'Dippy' the Dinosaur.


This week we have been practising the trigraphs ear (Dear) and air (hair). We have been using Dear to write letters to the dinosaurs and to our friends. See if you can practise writing the words:

ear - Dear, hear, tear, near, beard

air - hair, fair, pair, chair, lair, airship


Or maybe you could match the correct word to the picture using the worksheet below.


I hope you enjoy the Museum.


Tuesday 9th June


Dear Reception,


Thank you for all the letters and questions that you have sent me. I have enjoyed writing back to you. I can't wait to wear a pair of flip-flops or go to a party. I like to eat meat so watch out all you Triceratops! 



Dinosaur (T-Rex) πŸ¦–



Mrs Thompson is going on a fossil hunt, watch below to join her. Maybe you could make some fossils of your own by pressing shapes into play dough or salt dough?

Or follow Mrs Thompson's guide to making your own.


Mrs Thompson’s Fossil Hunt

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Monday 8th June


Hi Reception,


We are continuing with our Dinosaur topic this week πŸ¦– and I have a new story to read which will tell you some more dinosaur facts.


The boy in the story writes lots of letters to the dinosaur in the museum, asking him many questions. What question would you ask a dinosaur and which dinosaur would you ask?


Perhaps you could write your question down and send it to me in the Dinosaur Museum at School?


This week we would have had Sports Day but unfortunately we can’t have one this year. Instead you could take part in your own ‘Home Olympics.’ I have added a list of ideas that you could use either indoors or outdoors. Maybe you can place your family members into 1st, 2nd and 3rd to practise your Ordinal numbers from last week. πŸ₯‡πŸ₯ˆπŸ₯‰


I hope you have fun,

Mrs Soper and The Reception Team πŸ¦–

Mrs Soper reads β€˜Dear Dinosaur’

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Friday 5th June


This week we are practising our Ordinal Numbers. Ordinals can tell you what order a race was won or what position you are standing in a line. You can watch my Dinosaur Race to see who comes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th. Or you can watch the Ostrich Race.


You can practise your Ordinal Numbers at home by lining up your toys then using the words first, second, third, fourth, fifth etc. How far can you go?


I have also added my favourite Dinosaur Song which we will use in School next week. I'm sure you will enjoy it too! πŸ¦–


I hope you have had lots of fun this week at home and in School.


Mrs Soper and The Reception Team 😁



Ordinal Numbers - The Dinosaur Race

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Thursday 4th June


Good Morning,

Mrs Thompson has a lovely story to share with you today about how to make other people and yourself feel good. 


On Tuesday, the children in School gave me lots of smiles and it made me feel great 😊 I gave them lots of smiles back.

Have a think about what you can do at home to make your family and friends feel good. We can’t hug everyone right now but there are lots of other things we can do instead.


Perhaps you can let us know how you helped to fill someone’s bucket?


I wondered if you might like to paint a picture of a dinosaur πŸ¦– We have been doing this in School.
Follow this guide if you need help ...

Mrs Thompson reads β€˜Have you filled a Bucket today?β€™β€˜

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Wednesday 3rd June


Hi Reception,


Welcome back to School those of you that are heading in today, I hope you have lots of fun and enjoy playing in our new playground😁 Look at this week's photos to see what we have been up to in School.

If you are at home, I hope you are having a great time and are trying out some of the learning activities. ⭐️


This week we are practising the sounds oa (sounds like 'O' as in boat 🚀 ) and finding out about au (phase 5 sound, sounds a bit like 'or' as in dinosaur πŸ¦– ). Practise your flash cards and watch the clips below, then practise reading the words within the clips.

You could choose to do the different sounds on different days so that you don't get confused. I have added a worksheet for you to print and write a sentence using the word dinosaur. What noise do they make? Can you write that in the speech bubble? πŸ¦–


If you can't print out the sheet, just use your own paper and draw your own picture. I'm looking forward to seeing your lovely work smiley πŸ‘


Mrs Soper and The Reception Team heart

Tuesday 2nd June


Hello Reception,


What a lovely day we had yesterday. The sun was shining β˜€οΈ, the water play was fun and we enjoyed the new ‘lawn’. I hope you all had fun at home in your gardens too.

Today Mrs Geggus has a story to share with you about dinosaurs. πŸ¦–πŸ¦•


Yesterday we talked about which dinosaurs were Herbivores and which dinosaurs were Carnivores. Can you find out what these words mean and then find out which dinosaurs are Carnivores or Herbivores? I wonder if you know what people are? There is another word to describe what we eat. I look forward to seeing your work.


Have fun,

Mrs Soper and The Reception Team πŸ¦–

Mrs Geggus reads a dinosaur story

Still image for this video

Monday 1st June


Welcome back to Term 6 😁


Today will be very exciting as some of you will be heading into School this morning! If you are at home, do not worry we will continue to add videos to this page so you will not miss out. Also don’t forget to look at the weekly home learning plan for more activities, found on the Reception Home Learning page.


On a Monday and Tuesday, myself and Mrs Knight will be teaching you. Mrs Knight usually works in Year 2 and some of you will know her from Breakfast and After School Club, see her photo below.

On Wednesday and Thursday you will have Mrs Thompson and Mrs Geggus, who usually works with the older children. She has a story to share with you tomorrow.

On Sunday I went into School to sort out our outdoor area, although it is not quite finished, the flooring is all down. The playground markings and new trim trail are not here just yet. However Ms Gillion has bought some new water toys to play with and we have some new furniture, it is very exciting!


Today we will start with a new topic, have you guessed what it is? πŸ¦–


I am reading a story below and I wondered if you could find out some dinosaur names and possibly draw a picture of your favourite one, see if you can write it’s name. They are very long!


Mrs Soper, Mrs Knight, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Geggus and Mrs Macrae (The Reception Team) 😊

Harry and the bucketful of Dinosaurs

Still image for this video

Hi Reception,


We just want to say a great big thank you to all of the Reception children. We loved your dancing, it made us smile lots 😁.


I have made a video clip so that you can see the changes we have made to the classroom. It does look a little bit empty but don’t worry as all the toys are still there.


Mrs Thompson and myself spent today tidying and cleaning inside. It is not ready yet as we still have more to do both inside and outside.


Have a lovely half term,

Mrs Soper & The Reception Team πŸ˜„β€οΈ

Reception classroom - getting ready for June

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Friday 22nd May


Well shiver me timbers Reception! Today is the last day of Term 5 and I have one last task for you. ☠️


Watch the clip below and see if you can write down all the pairs of numbers than equal 10. 
E.g. 1 + ? = 10

       2 + ? = 10

       3 + ? = 10


Thank you to all those Pirates out there who told me how to find my treasure, oo ar! 🏴‍☠️

Captain Soper ☠️ and The Reception Team 😊

Captain Soper’s treasure number bonds to 10

Still image for this video

A pirate story from Mrs Mackenzie, Jack and Lily

Still image for this video
So sorry about the rubbish filming, it's a little tricky when you have a baby attached to you. I hope you enjoy our story, miss you all lots and hope you are all happy and safe. Hope to see you all soon. Enjoy your half term. From Mrs Mackenzie x

Thursday 21st May


I hope you all took part and enjoyed yesterday’s treasure hunt ☠️ But who stole my treasure? Was it you?

Today Mrs Macrae has a task for you. Watch the video below. Maybe your message could be written to me, Captain Soper, telling me where you have hidden my treasure! 🏝


I look forward to what you have to say ☠️

Captain Soper and The Reception Team 😊



Mrs Macrae’s message in a bottle

Still image for this video

Wednesday 20th May


Ahoy there, 


I’m back with a treasure hunt for you to join in with. I want you to shout out the words as you recognise them as they are a bit too tricky for a Pirate! 🏝

Then can you help me read the letter as it has a lot of tricky words in it too?


Who do you think stole my treasure? 🏴‍☠️

Mrs Mackenzie has added her favourite Pirate song too.

Captain Soper ☠️

Parents I have added some tricky word booklets that you can print off at home, you do not need to do both, choose the one that your child will manage best. They are not compulsory, just there in case you would like them.


The Reception Team 😊

Captain Soper’s treasure hunt

Still image for this video

Tuesday 19th May


Today my pirate friend ‘Captain Smellysocks’ has a delicious task for you! Watch the video clip below. πŸ₯ͺ🏝


I have also added a link to a song for you to sing. I’m sure your parents may already know it! 

Keep having pirate fun!


Captain Soper and The Reception Team ☠️

Captain Smellysocks makes lunch!

Still image for this video

Monday 18th May


Ahoy there you landlubbers!


Captain Soper here, I hope you enjoy my story today ☠️ and that I don’t frighten you too much.

Perhaps you could make yourself a flag to go on your ship today? It could be in the shape of a pair of underpants or just be a skull and crossbones!


There are lots more pirate things to do this week to keep you busy. I look forward to seeing what you get up to.


Captain Soper and The Reception Team ☠️

Pirates love underpants

Still image for this video

Reception playground update!

Still image for this video

Friday 15th May


Today I am very excited! I am going into School early to paint the fence around our playground. I hear that the builders have finished digging and have laid down part of our new flooring! I will take a video clip and add it on here very soon.


Captain Soper ☠️ has asked that you have a go at playing 'Buried Treasure' on the link below. Try phase 3 sounds and select a sound to practise, maybe you could try the oo and the ar sounds first.🏴‍☠️


Don't forget to have a go at the writing task, to write a set of instructions. These do not need to be very long. You could try:

How to make toast.

How to bury treasure.☠️

How to build a tower.

The instructions sent in so far have been amazing. Check them out in the Writer's Gallery. 


Keep up the fantastic work Reception, we are very proud of you.⭐️


The Reception Team 😊

Mrs Soper’s Tomato Plants

Thursday 14th May


Well shiver me timbers Reception, you make a fine group of Pirates! I can see you have made your telescopes and parrots but do you have your treasure map yet? πŸ—Ίβ˜ οΈ


If not Teddy has written instructions on how to make one, just like mine below.

Make Tea.

Paint Tea on paper.

Let it dry.

Draw a map. X marks the spot!

(See Teddy’s instructions in the writer’s gallery)


Watch Mrs Macrae’s video to describe how to find your treasure. You could make your map on the floor and walk out your route, saying out loud your directions. Be sure to try and use the words - between, in front, behind, above, below, past, next to and around.


Also if you want to make a cutlass Mrs Thompson shows you how on the Nursery page!


Have fun with your maps!

Captain Soper and The Reception Team ☠️



Mrs Macrae’s treasure map directions

Still image for this video

Wednesday 13th May


Ahoy there Reception,


Captain Soper has returned to be with you today 🦜 and she needs you to work hard at her task. She doesn’t want to sit back on the naughty step again!


It is a long clip and you may want to watch it more than once or pause it along the way. You can either write the words as we go along or use your phonics cards like the Captain but you MUST practise saying the sounds out loud! ☠️

Maybe you can write some more pirate words of your own?

I have seen lots of lovely pirate pictures so far so keep up the good work. Arghh!


Captain Soper and the Reception Team 🦜☠️

Captain Soper’s pirate words

Still image for this video

Tuesday 12th May


I hope you enjoyed the pirate stories yesterday? I really liked seeing your drawings and pictures of you as pirates ☠️


Today Mrs Thompson will show you how to make your own pirate and parrot 🦜 


If you also want to make a telescope Mrs Macrae will show you how to do this on the Nursery page.


Whatever you choose to make or do, have lots of fun.


The Reception Team 🦜


Mrs Thompson makes a pirate and a parrot

Still image for this video

Monday 11th May


Ahoy there me hearties!


For the next two weeks we will be having a Pirate theme 🦜


Mrs Peel is reading the story ‘The Night Pirates’ on the Nursery page and I am reading ‘Captain Buckleboots’ below.


Can you draw a picture of yourself as a pirate or dress up as one and give yourself a good pirate name? 
I think I would choose either Captain Soper or Captain Lucky Duck πŸ¦†?


What would you choose?


The Reception Team 🏝

Captain Buckleboots on the Naughty Step

Still image for this video

VE Day


Hi All,


I have added some printable resources for you to use tomorrow if you want them.


I have taken 1 last picture of our outdoor area, now that I have removed everything. 

Have a lovely weekend πŸ‘

Thursday 7th May


Hello Reception,


Today I am going back into school to clear away the outdoor toys ready for the builders on Monday. I am looking forward to watching the area change over the next few weeks. I will keep posting photos and video clips so you can see too. 😁


Mrs Macrae has a task for you today, watch the video clip below.

Can you go up to 50 or make it go all the way to 100? I will be very impressed if you can πŸ‘


The Reception Team πŸ˜„

Mrs Macrae’s Superworm

Still image for this video

Exciting News!

Still image for this video

Wednesday 6th May 


Today I am back in School and as always it feels very different to be here without you.


I thought I would go and tidy up our outside area as it is getting very messy. Something special is going to happen here very soon and we are getting very excited 🀩 I will tell you more later. 


Mrs Thompson has another activity for you today so you will need to get a pencil and a piece of paper (or similar) ready. βœοΈπŸ—’


Thank you to all of the parents that I spoke to yesterday it was really lovely to chat to you. I will be calling again on Thursday or Friday for those of you that haven’t heard from me.


The Reception Team 😊

Mrs Thompson goes on a vegetable number hunt!

Still image for this video

Tuesday 5th May


Hello Reception,


Today Mrs Thompson is going to show you how to make a vegetable soup. But you must watch out for the evil peas! How many can you count? You might have to watch the clip more than once to check.


If you fancy making a vegetable soup Mrs Thompson has included a recipe for you.πŸ₯”πŸ₯¦πŸ₯•


The Reception Team 😊


Mrs Thompson’s Vegetable Soup

Still image for this video

Monday 4th May


Hello Reception,


Once again thank you for all the wonderful photos you have been sending in. 😁


This week we are using the books ‘Supertato’ read by Mrs Peel and ‘Superworm’ read by Mrs Soper to theme our activities!


Be aware of those Evil Peas and Wizard Lizard 🦎 I hope they don’t scare you!


Who would you rather be a Superhero or an Evil Pea/ Wizard Lizard? Why? Can you draw a picture of who you would rather be or dress up and take a photo? Then write about what your special powers might be. I look forward to seeing who you choose!



The Reception Team 🦎😁



Still image for this video

Friday 1st May


I hope you managed to get outside for a little while yesterday in between the rain showers. I did and I saw a rainbow. 🌈

I have really enjoyed seeing your ladybird pictures. Mrs Peel reads a book all about ladybirds, if you want to find out more look on the Nursery update page. 🐞


Today I found a bag at home with lots of ladybirds on. Can you count how many whole ladybirds there are?

Hint: Try to count them in rows. There are quite a few!


Why not try out the 100 splat square (we use this game on a computer but you can download it in the App Store). 

Ask a parent or an older brother or sister to say a number out loud. Then see if you can splat it on the screen. Try lots of different numbers and try changing the colours.


For a further challenge see if you can splat the numbers in the 2 times table up to 20. Can you carry on to 100? You might need some help with this. Do you notice a pattern happening?

Now try the 10's. Can you see the pattern as you splat them?


Fantastic! Well done if you gave it go. yes


Thursday 30th April


Hi Reception,


It has been lovely to see all your photos. Some of you have been very busy making, baking and hunting ladybirds. 🐞 


I am also very impressed with all the fantastic descriptions of the wolf and the boy. Well done everyone. πŸ‘ 


Today Mrs Macrae is reading you a story about some more animals. Perhaps you can have a go at the task she has set. If you don’t have any pets maybe you could draw in your favourite teddies instead?


Mrs Mackenzie has also added a clip of the butterflies she released into her garden with Jack. How many does she have? πŸ¦‹


The Reception Team 😊


A Squash and a Squeeze read by Mrs Macrae

Still image for this video

Mrs Mackenzie and Jack's butterflies

Still image for this video
Today we released our butterflies into the world

Wednesday 29th April,


Good Morning Reception,


Yesterday it seemed to rain a lot 🌧 and I think it will rain some more today. Why not go outside and jump in the puddles?

Or get some washing up liquid and a sweeping brush, pour some liquid into a puddle then scrub to make bubbles. We enjoy doing this in the playground at school!

This is great for the arm muscles πŸ’ͺ and has added benefits of cleaning too!

You can use other kinds of brushes as well, whatever you have to hand. We also use chalk in puddles to add colour.🌈


Mrs Thompson has a lovely making task for you to try today πŸž and Mrs Macrae tells a funny story for you to listen to on the Nursery page.


Whatever you get up to, try to have lots of fun.

The Reception Team πŸ˜„

Mrs Thompson’s ladybird making session

Still image for this video

Tuesday 28th April 


Good morning Reception,


What a surprise, I came to update this page and discovered Mrs Mackenzie and baby Lily have read you a story!


Please do look for butterflies πŸ¦‹ and caterpillars πŸ› in your gardens. I have seen lots already! We always look forward to seeing your pictures and photos that we can add to the website.

Mrs Peel read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ yesterday so look out for her on the Nursery daily update page.


Don’t forget to have a go at writing a sentence to describe what Mr Wolf looks like for this week’s writing task. I have already had one sent in and it was fantastic!


The Reception Team πŸžπŸ¦‹

Story from Mrs Mackenzie and baby Lily

Still image for this video
'Caterpillar Butterfly'

Monday 27th April


Hi Reception,


Welcome to week 2! I hope you have enjoyed the sunny weather this weekend and played outside lots. β˜€οΈ


This week we are looking at a story that I read to you not so long ago. The book that I am reading is only a short version but I will put up a link to the full story.


Can you remember why the animals all made the wrong noises?

What the Ladybird Heard (song)

Still image for this video

If we were at school this week we would go outside on a ladybird hunt. Ladybird babies are called larvae and they don’t look like an adult ladybird. Here are some pictures to help you spot them. Ladybirds 🐞 love nettles so look carefully underneath the leaves. Try to use a stick to gently lift up the leaf and try not to get stung!

Friday 24th April


Hi Reception,


I hope you liked Mrs Macrae’s video clip yesterday. We are really pleased to hear that you are enjoying watching us!


Today I thought you might like to see how my tomato plants are growing. I forgot to water them today so they are looking a little curled up! They will need to be potted up soon so that they are in their own containers.

I had to plant the rest of the seeds by myself without you to help. My pumpkins and cucumbers are looking a lot healthier!

I will need to plant them out at school soon so they will grow and be ready to be picked in September. Do you remember all those cucumbers that you chopped up and ate at the beginning of the school year? They were delicious πŸ˜‹ 


Today I have added a link to the tricky word songs that we listened to in class. Can you write them down as they come up in the song? You might need to pause it or play the song more than once.


Try listening to the phase 3 song first to remind you of the words you have learnt. You could then listen to the phase 4 song - we haven’t played this one yet but you will know the tune!

It was really lovely speaking to your parents on the phone on Tuesday and Thursday, thank you. If I haven’t called then it will be another teacher in school that will be calling you. Please feel free to email your pictures or questions.


The Reception Team 😊


Thursday 23rd April


Welcome to another sunny day,


Thank you for all the lovely writing photos you have sent in. Everyday I look forward to receiving your emails and photos. Mrs Thompson and Mrs Macrae are enjoying seeing them too.

Today Mrs Macrae has a task for you. Can you help her out?


Don’t forget to look at the Nursery daily update page so you can see Mrs Peel reading stories too!

Keep having fun,

The Reception Team 😊

Counting with Mrs Macrae

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Wednesday 22nd April


Good Morning Reception,


Guess where I am today? Can you join me on my egg hunt? See how many eggs you can spot.


I hope you enjoyed Mrs Thompson’s video clip yesterday. We saw lots of your nests, they were fantastic! We are very proud of you for having a go at the tasks we set for you at home πŸ‘


Today see if you can have a go at the writing task (you will find it in the ‘classes’ section.) Draw a picture and see if you can write a short sentence or a few words. I will look forward to seeing your work later.


Have fun,

The Reception Team 😊

Egg Hunt in Reception

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Tuesday 21st April 


Hi Reception,


Did you watch the phonics clip on ou/ow? I did and I enjoyed watching Rosie help you to spell words too! There are 2 clips to watch, one to learn a new sound (speed sounds) and the second to practise writing (spelling). Don’t forget to keep practising the flashcards to remind you of the sounds you have already learnt.

Today Mrs Thompson has left a special message for you and a task to complete. You don’t have to use play dough to make your nest it could be anything that you find inside or outside.


Enjoy the sun today β˜€οΈ
The Reception Team 😊

Mrs Thompson says hello

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Monday 20th April


Welcome back Reception to Home Learning!

We hope you had a great Easter. 🐣 

You will notice that there are some exciting updates from Mrs Mackenzie below, please take a look!


This page will have a daily update added with new things to try or stories! On the Home Learning section you will find a weekly planning sheet with links to online Phonics and Maths sessions to help you to continue to learn from home.


Children please practise your phonics daily if you can and try one of the Maths activities linked to ‘Egg Hunts.’ You don’t have to use eggs you could use small toys instead.


Parents please do expect a phone call from myself or one of your children’s teachers over the next 2 weeks. Don’t forget to send in your photos or emails and we will do our best to answer your questions and get back to you.


The Reception Team smiley

Meg’s Eggs

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Baby Mackenzie

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Meet baby Lily

Hello from Mrs Mackenzie and Jack

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Enjoy listening to the story of 'The Paper Dolls'

To our Chalgrove family...

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P.S: This video was taken before social distancing, don't worry!

My seeds have started to grow! It must be due to the lovely weather we are having, I hope yours are growing too! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸŒ±

Friday 3rd April 


Happy Easter Reception,


I hope you have a lovely time over the next 2 weeks and get to enjoy an egg hunt or two in your garden or home (my children still like an egg hunt even though they are all big kids now!)


I heard that Julia Donaldson is going to do a Live broadcast every Thursday at 4pm (I missed it yesterday but I will look out for it next week) see below.


Phonics - oo (b-oo-k)

Sounds like u and makes part of the same cuckoo noise as oo, u-oo, u-oo

Reception can you read this sentence ...


A cook took a look at the big book with a rook sat in a brook.


How many of the words had the oo sound in?

Mrs Soper and The Reception Team 🐣

Thursday 2nd April


Hi Reception,


Yesterday we had a lot of fun at Frogmore making small boats and racing them down the brook. Take a look at the video clip below.


I thought you might enjoy making your own boats out of tin foil, corks or other junk modelling that you can find in your home. See if they sink or float and find out what happened to ours.


We made our boats out of sticks, string and tape. Here are some pictures of our boats.

Thank you for all the lovely photos and video clips that you are sending in. I will keep adding your photos to our section of the website so keep looking and keep smiling πŸ˜€

Boat race

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Wednesday 1st April


Hi Reception,


I have added a quick hello from me as my story is still upside down! 

See if you can draw a picture of my dogs and have a go at writing their names. πŸ•


Phonics - oi (c-oi-n) or oy (t-oy)

Shout out oi 

This sound is in the name of one of my dogs?


Mrs Soper and the Reception Team πŸ˜€



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Tuesday 31st March


Morning Reception,


Yesterday I spent the day recording a story and trying to upload it onto this website but I could only be seen upside down! Once I have found a way to sort out this technical problem I will let you know.


Today I thought you might like to try some of the games that we play in Phonics or Maths. Some of the games cannot be played on a tablet but on a computer, sorry.

The document below is a screen shot from 'Dinosaur eggs' a game that allows you to practise your phonics and reading skills. 


When you first type in the web address you will need to select Maths or English games. I'm sure the children will recognise some of the games we have played before. Your child will need support to get started on the games. Have fun!


Phonics - oo (m-oo-n)

To make this sound you need to pretend to be a cuckoo and say u-oo, u-oo

Today's sound is in the title of the story that I read.

What other words can you think of that have the oo sound in?



Dinosaur eggs

Monday 30th March


Hello Reception,


Thank you for all the wonderful photos that you have sent in to School, I will try to download them onto the Reception 'Photos and Class News' page so that you can all see what each other has been up to.


I hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed being at home. My daughter and I have been busy making delicious treats to eat and as you can see we have eaten quite a few already!

While you are at home don't forget to practise your spreading, cutting and chopping skills with a grown up to supervise. Make toast, a sandwich or chop up some fruits or vegetables just like we did at School. You could help out at lunchtime.


Phonics - oa

Make an O shape and sound with your mouth (as in g-oa-t)

What do you like to spread on your t.... in the morning?

Can you draw a picture of a goat in a boat on a moat?


Enjoy the rest of your day,

Mrs Soper and the Reception Team smiley

Friday 27th March


Hello Reception,


Today I am in School and it feels very strange to be here without you but I am looking forward to going back over to Frogmore with my smaller class of children.

I will take some photos to share with you.


Today why not try one of the daily Maths lessons on:


Phonics: igh 

Hold your hand as though you are saluting your captain and say igh, igh (sounds like I)

Why don't you jump up h.....?

Please turn off the l.....?


I hope you have a lovely day and weekend.


Mrs Soper and the Reception Team smiley

Thursday 26th March


Good Morning Reception,


I hope you all had fun in your garden yesterday. If you take any photos you would like us to see please send them to Mrs Stone at the office email:


This weekend I decided to plant some tomato seeds and I wondered if you might like to have a go and plant your own. All you need is a tomato, an empty plastic pot or a small box and some soil from your garden.  

1. Squeeze out the seeds from the tomato.

2. Place the seeds just under the soil.

3. Water a little and place in a sunny spot on a windowsill indoors.

It can take 2 weeks (sometimes longer) for the seeds to start to grow so keep watering them as the soil dries out. Be careful not to over water! Fingers crossed.


Look at other fruit in your house, what other seeds could you plant? See what you can find. Try: Apples, cucumbers, peppers.


Mrs Thompson had success with peppers and can you remember the size of Mrs Macrae's pumpkins!


Phonics - ee

Hold 2 hands up on top of your head to make the donkey ears and 'ee' (sounds like E) noise.

This sound can be found in a word from today's activity. Can you use this sound to write a label for your plant?


Have a lovely day, we are still missing you lots.


Mrs Soper and the Reception Team smiley

Wednesday 25th March


Hi Reception children,


It's going to be another lovely sunny day today. We hope you are all getting busy outside in your gardens.


Here is something I had a go at yesterday. Using whatever you can find outside or inside can you make some 'Big Art' pictures? Have a look at mine, can you guess what they are meant to be? I bet you can create something better than me! 

 Quack, quack!

Did you guess correctly? yes


Phonics ai

Cup your hand behind your ear and say ai (sounds like A)

There is an ai in the word to describe the picture above. Have a go at sounding out the word.


Have a great day today. We are missing you all and cannot wait to see your smiles again.  


Mrs Soper & the Reception Team smiley

Tuesday 24th March


Good Morning Reception,


We hope you had a lovely first day in your new home schools. We have already been lucky enough to see some fantastic work that you have already created at home and we hope to be able to see more soon. Here are some things to try at home ....


'Magic' Painting - using just water and an old paintbrush (sponges or scrubbers)

see if you can paint the outdoors (garden walls, fences, patios, decks, any surface that you can see the water marks on). Try large body movements going up and down, side to side, rainbow movements and in circles both clockwise and anti-clockwise. This is great exercise and helps to strengthen the arm muscles. Then move onto smaller arm and hand movements to practice your letter shapes. Try writing a message then watch it magically disappear as the sun dries up the water. You could take a quick picture before it goes! 

Phonics - ng 

Practise your strong man arms! Can you think of any words with this sound in?

Clue: You wear them on your fingers.


From the Reception Team wink