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Term 1 - Text for unit 1 with toolkit annotations. 



How to catch a star

Adapted from 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers


In a little village [S1] there was a boy who loved stars. Every night [S2] the boy sat in his bedroom and watched the shimmering stars [S3] from his small window. He wished he had one of his own. So early one morning[S4]  he went into the garden to look for one but he could not see a star anywhere. He waited and waited and waited and after dinner he waited some more. Finally just before the sun was about to go away he saw a star. The boy tried to jump up and grab it but he could not jump high enough. So went to the park and climbed to the top of the tallest tree[S5] . But the star was still way too far out of reach. He thought he could fly up in his shiny, new [S6] rocket and grab the star but his rocket had run out of petrol last Tuesday when he had flown to the moon. He asked a seagull to help. But the seagull didn’t want to help at all. The boy felt sad. He walked along the windswept beach[S7]  smelling the sea air and listening to the wave’s crash. [S8] Just then he noticed something a star floating in the water. Eventually the star washed up on the bright golden sand and the boy went home [S9] with a star of his very own. 


 [S1]Name setting

 [S2]Time of day

 [S3]Adjectives with care

 [S4]Time of day

 [S5]Detail to bring the setting to life

 [S6]Adjectives with care

 [S7]Detail to bring the setting to life

 [S8]Use of sense

 [S9]Return home at the end of the story