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The Spy-Car 2000

One of a spy’s best gadgets is called the Spy-Car 2000. It looks just like an everyday car but there is nothing normal about it. Do you want to know what it can do? If so, read on.


Firstly, all Spy-Car 2000s look like a top of the range silver cars.  The majority of spy cars have rocket boosters. Amazingly , this means they are the fastest car on the road! Usually, they are made from strong metal so it can survive any spy mission.


This incredible car has many fascinating features. Firstly, it can be activated by the spy’s voice to drive them if they are in trouble. Furthermore, the car has the power to fly so it to get to places quicker.


No one is sure how spy cars are powered. Some say that they petrol use like ordinary cars. A few experts have hinted that they are powered all by themselves...but no-one really knows. Do you know?


Top Tip

Keep your eyes on the road and you may spot a Spy Car.


Talk for Writing Rapunzel

Term 1 - Text for unit 1 with toolkit annotations. 



How to catch a star

Adapted from 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers


In a little village [S1] there was a boy who loved stars. Every night [S2] the boy sat in his bedroom and watched the shimmering stars [S3] from his small window. He wished he had one of his own. So early one morning[S4]  he went into the garden to look for one but he could not see a star anywhere. He waited and waited and waited and after dinner he waited some more. Finally just before the sun was about to go away he saw a star. The boy tried to jump up and grab it but he could not jump high enough. So went to the park and climbed to the top of the tallest tree[S5] . But the star was still way too far out of reach. He thought he could fly up in his shiny, new [S6] rocket and grab the star but his rocket had run out of petrol last Tuesday when he had flown to the moon. He asked a seagull to help. But the seagull didn’t want to help at all. The boy felt sad. He walked along the windswept beach[S7]  smelling the sea air and listening to the wave’s crash. [S8] Just then he noticed something a star floating in the water. Eventually the star washed up on the bright golden sand and the boy went home [S9] with a star of his very own.