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Hello everyone

We are missing all you wonderful little people already and will be keeping in touch via our Daily Update page with more ideas about how you can learn and develop your skills at home.

You may find a little structure to your morning helps you to get started or it may be that you like to mix up your routine a bit. Whatever works for you and your family.

This timetable is just a guideline. Remember to use the online resources in the Home Learning Section together with your Home Learning pack.



PE lesson - Joe Wicks on YouTube (9am) or exercise in your garden, play chase, play Simon Says.


Fine motor skills based learning to strengthen your finger muscles.

                        Try doing different activities each day. E.g.

                        Building and taking Lego pieces apart,                                                               

                        Playdough (search dough disco for ideas online), 

                        Cutting with scissors,                               

                        Using tweezers (or fingers) to pick up Hama beads, dried pasta or something similar,

                        Drawing with chalk, pens, pencils, paintbrushes. 


Free choice - Building models from Lego, Duplo, blocks, etc 

                       Free writing - put out notepads or paper with any pens or pencils they can use

                       Water play - fill the sink or a bucket in the garden, wash toys with scrubbers,

use empty bottles to pour water into, use spoons to fill cups. 

Workbook Task - select a task to do from the pack 

Read a story together. Talk about the story.

                        Ask your child to tell you what might happen at the end.


I will post different ideas on the Daily Update page so keep checking.


Try to have fun! Maybe build a den or bake a cake together. This type of activity incorporates maths and language more than anything.


Look after each other and stay safe and well.




Mrs Peel, Mrs Macrae and Mrs Thompson

The Nursery Team






Trip to the Green Dragon Eco Farm - We are hoping to reschedule this trip at a later time. As soon as we have a new date we will let you know.