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Home Learning

Summer Term 6


Hello everyone,


What fantastic weather we have been having over Half term. I hope you have managed to enjoy some of it.


Thank you so much for all your hard work last term. It was so lovely to receive your photos and read through all your work. Our photo page looks amazing with all the absolutely fantastic things that you have been doing at home Well done parents for all the support you are giving your children. You are truly inspirational!


In year 4, unfortunately we are not able to go back to school as a class yet so we will be continuing with our Home Learning on the school website


There will also be the Daily Updates for you to watch and activities to complete


If your child/ren would prefer a paper pack to work from then just let us know through the Year 4 email address  We will get one copied for you and arrange for you to collect from Ms Stone.


Please remember you have usernames for Prodigy, Rockstar Maths and Times Table Tutor too (don’t worry if you have lost them we have copies, just email and ask).


Finally, there are writing ideas on the ‘Weekly Writing’ page which can be put in the Writer’s Gallery if you would like.


Look after yourselves. We are missing you all so much and look forward to seeing you soon.


Mrs Hayes, Mrs McHardy and Mrs Gillard.


Summer Term 2020


Hello everyone,


Thank you all so much for all your emails and photos that you have been sending us. It really is lovely to have received so many and been able to upload your photos of all the work you have been doing.


We have been asked to provide some English, Maths and Topic ideas for you (see above). These will be on this page each Monday and they are based on Year 4’s units of work. Some work is online activities and others can be done using basic resources at home. Hopefully, your children should be able to complete them as independently as possible. However, from our own home learning experiences they may need some parent support.


We are more than happy to be emailed photographs of activities or documents using our email address . If parents have any concerns or questions, this is also the place to send these too. We will check this daily and respond during school hours.


We will post on the 'Daily Updates' page each day so please look at any new information we add.


It has been so lovely to receive your photos of what you have been up to. Take a look at what your friends have been doing on our 'Photos and Class News'


Remember you have username and passwords for Prodigy, Rockstar Maths and Times Table tutor too. There are also writing ideas on the 'Weekly Writing' page


Stay safe and we hope that the 'other side' of this period in history comes as quickly as possible!


Mrs Hayes, Mrs McHardy and Mrs Gillard.