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Learning at Home Week beginning 18.5.20

A fantastic piece of joint artwork created by Rhys and Connor. Great teamwork boys.laugh

Learning at Home - Week beginning 11.5.20

Wow Rhys, you have been busy this week. We love the telescope and map which you are using together. The writing is fantastic. Keep up the brilliant work. laugh

Learning at Home - Week beginning 11.5.20

We have the completed minibeasts from Rhys and Connor today. They are amazing and I can see you have worked really hard on them. The telescope is fantastic too Connor. You look like a real pirate!

A big thank you to Kim for helping with these creations laugh

Learning at Home - Week beginning 11.5.20

What a lovely way to start the week! I was so pleased to see these photographs of the things you are making at home. I can see that you are being very careful and concentrating hard to make your models. We are so proud of you. laugh

Learning at Home - Week beginning 4.5.20

What amazing face painting Esmee. The butterfly is amazing. I hope you have seen lots of butterflies in your garden. Enjoy being a butterfly!

Learning at Home - Week beginning 4.5.20

You have been so busy Esmee. I like the den you've made with Morgan and it's great that you are planting your own seeds and learning about how plants grow.

Keep creating and exploring!

Learning at Home - Week beginning 4.5.20

Your Supertatoes and Evil Pea are awesome Layla. You followed Mrs Macrae's instructions very well and look like you enjoyed making them. Thank you for sharing your photos.

Rosie those cookies look delicious. You must tell us how you made them when we see you. You are going to be such a brilliant cook. Keep up the great baking.

Learning at Home. Week beginning 4.5.20

Sophie, it's so lovely to see all the different things you have been doing at home. Thank you for sharing your photographs with us. You have been helping your Mummy and playing with your brother as well as making lots of things and working hard. We are very proud of you.
What a tasty looking gingerbread man Rosie. He looks delicious! You have worked hard to make him and to decorate him carefully. Has he lost a leg? Did someone eat his leg!! Was that you Rosie and was he yummy!

Learning at Home - Week beginning 27.4.20

You have worked really hard and followed the video very well to make a brilliant ladybird Rhys. Well done. We are very impressed.

Learning at Home - week beginning 27.4.20

It's great to see you growing things at home Rhys. I really like your egg head designs and that they are all so different. You must have been very careful with them as well. 

Wow look at all those numbers Rosie!

Learning at Home - Week beginning 27.4.20

Wow Rosie you are working so hard. You look very happy. Keep up the good work.


Learning at Home- Week beginning 26.4.20

Wow Daisy you have been so busy at home. It's lovely to see you being so creative and helpful to your family. We are all so impressed.
It's great to see you helping your brother with his learning Madeleine. We love the hat as well. Thank you for sharing this photograph with us. 

Learning at Home 20.4.20-24.4.20

Still image for this video
Thank you Rhys for making us all at Nursery a fantastic card. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Fun, work and exploring at home

Wow Layla you have been so busy! It looks like you've had a fantastic time learning, creating and exploring at home. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us.

Learning at Home. Thank you for sharing your photographs.

What brilliant writing Layla. Keep up the hard work. You have done so much and it looks like you've had fun as well. I'm very impressed and proud of you. Mrs Peel smiley

Keeping Fit and Active

Still image for this video
Rhys you are following all the moves so well and putting in 100% effort. Great to see.

Some super photographs of you learning and having fun at home. 

What a beautiful butterfly. You have worked really hard and should be very proud of the results. I'm so impressed. Mrs Peel smiley


We had a busy Friday in Nursery and a fun filled morning with the Reception Class at Frogmore.

All the children did very well in their first Nativity performance