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Friday Daily Topic Task      12/06/2020


Please have a look back through our #BlackLivesMatter topic tasks and complete any tasks you've not had a go at yet.


Then, please complete this short poll for Alfie!

Thursday Daily Topic Task      11/06/2020


We have been looking at the #BlackLivesMatter movement for a couple of weeks now and a lot of information has been thrown your way.


Today, I'd like you to take some time to reflect on everything we've looked at for the past couple of weeks by watching Newsround's special report on racism.


Hopefully it will help you gather your thoughts on everything we've been discussing.

Wednesday Daily Topic Task      10/06/2020


Today, please watch the video below- 'Celebrity Supply Teacher', Dr. Martin Luther King by Martin Bashir.


After watching the video, please have a go at filling in the below sheet...

Answers attached in separate document underneath!


Tuesday 09/06/2020

Listen to the video below and answer the questions.

'Harriet Tubman', taken from 'Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls' by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo.

1. Why do you think Harriet wanted the slave to escape?
2. What hit Harriet on the head?
3. How many enslaved people did Harriet free?
4. Would you describe Harriet as 'brave'? Why?
5. Choose three other powerful adjectives to describe Harriet Tubman

During the American Civil War, Harriet Tubman worked as a cook, a nurse, and even a spy. She is also considered to be the first African-American woman to serve in the military.

Create an acrostic poem, using each letter in Harriet's name to describe her or give a fact about her life. Decorate when you've finished!


H Her bravery freed hundreds of slaves
A African-American
R Resilient- she didn't stop fighting for freedom
R Racism was something she fought to change
I Inspirational for many reasons
E Everyone should hear about the amazing things she did
T Tenacious, tremendous and totally courageous

Monday Daily Topic Task      08/06/2020


Please have another look at the picture below...



Some people see the 'Black Lives Matter' movement and reply by saying that surely 'All Lives Matter?' Have a look at the comic strips below and see why it can be problematic to say 'All Lives Matter' as a response to this movement...





As you can see illustrated in the cartoon strips above, responding to the Black Lives Matter movement by saying "All Lives Matter" is problematic. Of course all lives matter- that goes without saying and was never in doubt.


However, the 'Black Lives Matter' movement wasn't created to exclude, but to bring attention to the racism and violence that black people are currently facing (and have always faced historically.) The recent events happening in America (and indeed throughout the world) show that, unfortunately, black people are still not treated with equality and therefore this movement aims to bring attention to this.


We cannot say that 'All Lives Matter' until it is proven that black lives matter, because at the moment, the racism and violence suggests that they don't matter as much as others.


1. Which cartoon strip did you prefer and why?

2. Which cartoon strip do you think best got the message across?

3. What does 'problematic' mean?

4. Why is is problematic to say 'All Lives Matter'?

5. See if you can explain why saying 'All Lives Matter' is problematic to a friend or someone in your family.


If you were unsure what any of the words in the comic strip meant, please use a dictionary! Here are a few you might not have seen before...


'expendable' = of little significance/importance and can therefore be destroyed

'hypocrite' = a person who pretends to have certain beliefs, attitudes or feelings when they really do not, e.g. if I told you I care about the environment, but then threw some litter on the floor.


Friday Daily Topic Task      05/06/2020


Today, I'd like you to read the following article published by Newsround:


Star Wars' John Boyega joins protest in London


If you're struggling to read through this, I have also posted an audio clip of me reading through it below.


Please answer the following questions:


1. Who is John Boyega?

2. How many people have been peacefully protesting in London?

3. What do you think it means to 'peacefully protest?'

4. What do you think is the most important point that John Boyega makes in his speech?

5. What is a 'gesture?' (Use a dictionary if you're not sure!)

6. What gesture have people across the UK been doing to protest against racism?

7. Why do you think protesters may have struggled to stay 2m apart?

8. Name some key workers who joined the peaceful protests.

9. What does the nurses' sign say?

10. Why do you think it is important that police officers are supporting the Black Lives Matter movement? (Think about what the aim of the BLM Movement is!)


Star Wars' John Boyega joins protest in London

If you're struggling to read through the article, I've read through it here for you. Please start the clip then follow along with the article linked above.

Thursday Daily Topic Task 04/06/2020

Today, please watch and listen to the story below- 'Something Happened In Our Town' by Marianne Celano, Marietta Collins and Ann Hazzard.

After you've watched it please have a think about the following things. You can write them down if you wish.

1. What does 'relevant' mean? (Please use a dictionary if you're not sure!)
2. Why is this story relevant at the moment?
3. Do you think Emma is mean for asking her parents so many questions? Please explain your answer.
4. Why is Josh's Dad angry?
5. Who are some of the "strong and brave black leaders" that Josh's Mum mentions?
6. How would you treat Omad if he joined our Y5 class?
7. Do you have any questions you'd like to ask about the story or racism?

Wednesday Daily Topic Task      03/06/2020


Today, we're going to look more closely at the #BlackLivesMatter movement itself. Please read the text below then have a go at the activity...


As you saw in Monday's video and from what you know from discussions we've had in class, unfortunately, society is not yet equal and black people continue to face racism in America, the UK and throughout the world. It is because of this unfairness that the Black Lives Matter (BLM for short) group was started.  


BLM is an activist group (meaning they campaign for change.) They originated in the African-American community and are against violence and racism toward black people.


The movement began in 2013 with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter on social media. They became famous for their street demonstrations (which are when a big group of people come together, often with posters to show their support for things.)


These street demonstrations aim to raise awareness of the ongoing racism and to change it. 


Below are some images of people supporting the BLM movement... 




For today's task I'd like you to either...


-Create a 'Black Lives Matter' poster. The more colourful, the better!




-Tell someone else about the #BlackLivesMatter movement- this could be a family member or a friend.


As always, please feel free to send pictures to

Tuesday 02/06/2020

Today, please watch the video below- 'A Kids Book About Racism' by Jelani Memory.

After you've finished watching the video, see if you can have a go at the following activities:

1. What is racism?
2. Why do you think Jelani Memory has chosen to write a book about racism for kids, not adults.
3. Why do you think it is important to begin discussing racism when you are a child?
4. Jelani's book has no pictures. See if you can draw a picture that you think would fit well in this book (I'd love it if you could send me a picture of it afterwards!)

Monday Daily Topic Task      01/06/2020


You may have heard that in America at the moment there is a lot of upset and outcry over the death of an African-American man, George Floyd, who was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis. 


In light of this tragedy, I'd like us to spend this week looking into the #BlackLivesMatter movement.


Today, please start by watching this video, filmed by Newsround in 2015 and have a go at answering the questions below...


1. In 2015, who was the President of the USA?

2. Who is President of the USA today?

3. Barack Obama was the first _______________ ?

4. What is the question that Ricky was exploring in the video?

5. How did most of the children in the video answer Ricky's question?

6. What does the first girl say is the difference between black and white people in America?

7. How does the video make you feel?

8. How would you feel if someone treated you differently because of the colour of your skin? Explain your answer.

Friday Daily Topic Task 22/05/2020

Watch the video below and answer the following questions...
(If you're finding a question too tricky, move on to the next one!)

1. Why do you think the singers might be saying 'heeaaaaave-ho' at the beginning of the song?
2. Which two adjectives do they use to describe Vikings? ("We are the Vikings ___ and ____)
3. What does "flea" mean?
4. According to the song, when do The Vikings "plunder and pillage?"
5. Why is Miss Price not very happy about the singers' helmets?
6. Name two instruments used in the song.
7. "As strong as an ox" is an example of which grammatical term? Hint: "As bright as the sun" is also an example of one of these...
8. Did you like the song? Explain your answer.
9. Who would you recommend this song to?
10. Can you think of any songs that link to the Vikings? Explain. E.g 'Happier- Marshmello' because I think the Vikings would have been happy when they came across a new village to pillage.

Thursday Daily Topic Task 21/05/2020

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, we're going to put The Vikings on pause for today.

Instead, I'd like you to have a go at the following activities:

1. Watch the 'Mental Health Awareness Week 2020' video below.

2. Make a list of all of the things that make you happy. You can share this with a family member, me and the rest of the class (via email) or just keep it to yourself to look at if you're ever feeling a bit sad.

3. See if you can do something kind for someone over the next few days- this might be something as simple as holding the door open for someone in your family!

Please remember- you are all wonderful and have so much to offer. As we saw when we read 'Wonder', kindness can be the most powerful but least expensive thing you can give to someone.

Here's a few things that make Miss Price happy if you're struggling for ideas...

1. Family, friends and Mason
2. My wonderful Year 5s
3. Dogs (especially puppies)
4. Cake

Wednesday Daily Topic Task      20/05/2020


Well done if you managed to complete yesterday's task- there was a lot to read!


Today, I'd like you to either...


Create a cartoon strip of King Edward's (son of Ethelred the Unready) life. (See example below for help).




Talk a family member through the life of King Edward.


Hint: use yesterday's text to help you.



Here's a link to a cartoon strip template for you to print out if you would like to.

Tuesday Daily Topic Task      19/05/2020


Today, I'd just like you to spend some time reading through 'What happened to the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings' and completing the activities on the page.


There is a lot to read here, so I'll set you some activities based around this page tomorrow! laugh

Monday Daily Topic Task      18/05/2020


Today, I've got a Viking wordsearch to ease you into the week...


You can either ask your parents to print it out, or have a go at it on the screen. 


Good luck! laugh


Friday Daily Topic Task      15/05/2020


Revisit 'What was life like in Viking Britain' and answer the questions below...


If you are finding them tricky, just have a go at 1, 2 and 3.


1. Some Vikings came to Britain to fight. What did other Vikings come to Britain to do?

2. What was the name of the houses that the Vikings lived in?

3. Name 2 jobs carried out by Viking women.

4. Did Viking children go to school? Why do you think this was?

5. What job did many Vikings do?

6. Why do you think Viking animals slept inside during "cold winters"?

7. What is the very official sounding name of the Viking community meeting?

8. Who was at the very top of Viking society?

9. Who was King of the Viking city Jorvik?

10. What do we call Jorvik today?


Thursday Daily Topic Task      14/05/2020


Today, I'd like you to read through 'What was life like in Viking Britain?'


As there is a lot of information to take in, I'd just like you to spend today reading through it and I will set you some relevant activities tomorrow.


In the meantime, see if you can unscramble these Viking words:


l n o g h s p i

(Vikings used these to travel to far off lands...)


h r t o

(One of the most well-known Viking Gods...)


r r w a r i o

(Some Year 5s completed their Viking workout and became a Viking...)


t h e l e m

(Vikings used this to protect themselves in battle...)

Wednesday Daily Topic Task      13/05/2020


For today's task, I'd like you to find out what your Viking name would be...


1. Find out your Viking name by using the first letter of your first name and the first letter of your surname on the picture below.

2. Write your Viking name down on a piece of paper and decorate (or have a go on the computer!)

3. (Optional): Hold your Viking name on your piece of paper and send it with your meanest Viking face to



Here's an example:


Tuesday Daily Topic Task

Today, I'd like you to join Cade the Rotten as he walks you through today's Viking workout! Watch the video below, then give it a go!

Exercise 1- Haul stuff from one end of the garden to the other (as quickly as possible!)
Exercise 2- Jump over the dead bodies
Exercise 3- Lift something over your head, then squat
Exercise 4- CHAAAAARGE!

Repeat x2

Please make sure you're not lifting anything too heavy and you remember to bend your knees when you pick it up.

If you succeed, send a picture of your meanest, scariest Viking face to!

Monday Daily Topic Task      11/05/2020


Welcome back to your Viking topic tasks!


Today, I'd like you to use Google Earth to explore the city of York- one of the first places where the Vikings settled in England. Click here to load.


1. Can you spot the name of the main river running through York city centre? (zoom in!)


2. Click here to travel to 'York Minster'. Drop the man and describe the minster using 3 powerful adjectives, e.g. 'towering'.


3. Click here to travel to 'Clifford's Tower'. Drop the man outside it and draw a quick picture of it. If you can colour it in, even better!


4. Finally, click here to travel to 'The Shambles', one of York's most popular and spectacular streets. Drop the man and see if you can write down the name of 3 shops which are on The Shambles. 


Remember: The Viking name for 'York' was Jorvik!

Today, York has a Viking attraction called 'Jorvik', where you can explore the sights, sounds and smells of Viking-Age York!

Friday Daily Topic Task      08/05/2020




We hope you have a wonderful day. Mason and I will be celebrating VE Day by participating in the following activities. Please feel free to join us...


11:00am: 2 minute silence throughout the country


11:15am: VE Day Livestream (click here)


3:00pm: Nation's Toast to the heroes of WW2

(Raise a glass/ cup to the heroes who gave us the freedom we have today by saying "To those who gave so much, we thank you")


Feel free to send pictures of your celebrations to


Thursday Daily Topic Task      07/05/2020


Winston Churchill was the prime minister at the end of WWII in 1945. Click here to watch one of his speeches on VE Day (the video at the bottom of the page).


Once you have watched (or as you are watching) answer the questions below. If you are finding the questions a bit tricky, just have a go at 1, 2 and 8.


1. Why do you think Winston Churchill is wearing glasses?

2. Complete the phrase said by Churchill: "God save the ...."

3. Do your own research. Who was the King at the time of this speech?

4. What is an "ally"?

5. Why does Churchill say "tomorrow will also be Victory in Europe Day"?

6. Which country does Churchill say has "inflicted injuries" on the UK, the USA and other countries?

7. How do you think Churchill was feeling when he made this speech? Why?

8. Why is the video in black and white?

Wednesday Daily Topic Task      06/05/2020


Today, I'd like to introduce you to Vera Lynn's famous song 'We'll Meet Again'. This song is a popular song from World War II and is about people hoping to meet loved ones again after a long and painful time apart.


Have a listen to it by clinking the link above, then, have a go at answering the questions below:


1. Who do you think people may have been hoping to 'meet again' at the end of the war?

2. Complete the lyric "We'll meet again, don't know ......., don't know ........".

3. How do you think people would have felt when listening to this song. Explain your answer.

4. What instruments can you hear in the background of the song?

5. Why do you think this song is relevant to us at the moment?

6. Who are you most looking forward to seeing when lockdown is over?

Tuesday Daily Topic Task      05/05/2020


Today's task is to make some bunting for VE Day!


Bunting is any festive decoration made of fabric, or of plastic, paper or even cardboard. Typical forms of bunting are strings of colorful triangular flags and lengths of fabric in the colours of national flags.


Click here to see some homemade bunting ideas.


When you're finished, you can hang them around your house ready for VE Day on Friday!


Here is an example of some bunting made by the children who are at school:


Monday Daily Topic Task      04/05/2020


The end of this week marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day. "75 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the war in Europe". Therefore, your topic work this week will be activities based around this historic event.


Today's task will simply be to complete the ERIC below.

Remember: Use ONLY the picture to gather the information for your answers.


Friday      01/05/2020


Have a look at the picture below and answer the following questions...


(P.S Miss Price didn't make this cake, although she wishes she could!)


1. What's wrong with the helmet on the top of the cake? (Use your knowledge of Viking helmets to answer this!)

2. What is a 'layer' and how many layers does this cake have?

3. What is the name of the long sticks coming out of the side of the boat?

4. How long do you think it would have taken to make this cake? Why?

5. What do you think the red and white stripy bit is supposed to be?

6. What do you think the bottom layer of the cake represents? Why?

7. Describe the colours of the bottom layer. (I don't want to just hear 'blue'!)

8. How many different colours can you spot on the cake?

9. Estimate how tall you think the cake is.

10. Name a character from a book or film who you think would enjoy this cake and explain why.



Thursday      30/04/2020


Read the following text on 'Viking traders and explorers'.


Answer the questions below, using the information that you have read in the text.


These are just like the questions I would usually give you in your ERICs, so I know you can do them! However, if you are finding them a little bit tricky, please ask an adult to help you read through and try questions 1, 3, 7 and 8 as these are retrieve questions.


1. Name three countries that the Viking ships reached.

2. Why does the text say "a few daring explorers made voyages to Iceland and beyond'? Why would this be daring?

3. Name three goods and materials that the Vikings bought.

4. What is a "fair deal"?

5. Why do you think the Vikings sailed "close to the coast whenever possible"?

6. What did the Vikings invent to help them find their way?

7. What is the name of the Viking ship found on a Norwegian farm in 1880?

8. How long is the Gokstad ship?

9. How would you feel if you saw a Viking longship heading towards you? Why?

10. Why do you think both ships are now displayed in museums? What's the point?

Wednesday      29/04/2020


Vikings didn't use letters like we do when they were writing, instead they used 'runes'.


1. Have a look at the Viking runes alphabet below and see if you can spell your name in runes!

2. See if you can work out the mystery words in the bottom picture.


Some of these may be a little bit tricky because the rune could be more than one letter, I'd recommend starting with the runes which could only be one letter and filling in the blanks.


Good luck!



Tuesday      28/04/2020


Last summer, Miss Price visited Stockholm (which is the capital of Sweden) and got to dress up as a Viking. She also enjoyed lots of different Swedish cakes!


1. Spot the difference! Mason has changed 5 things from Miss Price's original pic. Can you find all 5 of the changes?

2. What has Sweden got to do with the Vikings?

3. Can you find out the name of one of the cakes that Miss Price is eating in the picture? (Hint: Google 'Swedish cakes')

4. What two colours are the Swedish flag?

5. Find out one other interesting fact about Sweden...



Daily Topic Task      27/04/2020


Watch Thor and the Giants, part 1, 2 and 3


Write a short summary explaining the story of Thor and the Giants




Recall the story of Thor and the Giants to a family member




Create a poster/ PowerPoint recalling the story of Thor and the Giants!

Daily Topic Task      24/04/2020


Watch Freya and the Goblins part 1 and 2, then have a go at answering the following questions...

(You may prefer to answer them as you watch it)


1. What special job was Freya given?

2. What was Freya's husband called?

3. Describe Freya using 3 powerful adjectives.

4. What were the Goblins doing in the cave?

5. What did the Goblins say the price of the necklace was?

6. Why do you think Odur ran away?

7. Why did Freya want to return the necklace and why wouldn't Odin let her?

8. Which character is narrating the story?

9. What's a 'shapechanger'?

10. What do you think the moral of the story is? Why would Vikings tell it?

Daily Topic Task      23/04/2020


Sticking with Viking beliefs again today...


Watch Story 1 'Odin creates the world'.


Create a short cartoon strip to show the story of Odin creating the world,



Write a couple of fantastic sentences to describe Loki.

Daily Topic Task      22/04/2020


Watch the 'Horrible Histories: Vicious Vikings' video...


Make a poster explaining the top 3 weird Viking beliefs,




Tell a member of your family about the top 3 weird Viking beliefs.



Daily Topic Task      21/04/2020


Read 'How did the Vikings fight'...


1. Click on the labels to explore a Viking warrior's weapons and armour.

2. Draw a Viking and label their armour, or draw a longboat and label the parts.

Daily Topic Task      20/04/2020


Watch the 'Who were the Vikings' video and answer the questions below...


1. Where did the Vikings come from?

2. Which 3 countries make up Scandinavia?

3. What does the word 'Viking' mean?

4. Did Vikings have horned helmets?

5. What are 3 Viking words which we still use today?


Continue reading through the info on the page and write down 5 new things you've learnt about the Vikings.

Home Learning


Year 5 and parents,


Welcome to your home learning page! Although Mrs. Geggus, Mrs. Hawkins and I can't be with you at the moment, we are all still rooting for you and can't wait to hear about all of the fantastic learning you've been doing at home.


You should ( <-modal verb!! ) all be working through your home learning packs. If you find anything a little bit tricky, your parents may be able to lend you a hand. If not, remember: YouTube is a brilliant tool for looking up video tutorials. Miss Price often uses 'Khan Academy' tutorials to remind her how to solve certain Maths questions!


We know that different parents would like different levels of help and support with learning at home.  Firstly, there is no pressure - did you know how much learning happens through play and independent activities?  Please don't feel guilty if you don't 'home-school' your child for 5 full days a week - it's not possible, whilst trying to work yourselves full time at home.


For those who would like a structure we have suggested a couple of timetables below, but these are merely a suggestion.  You need to create your own routines to survive at home.


Suggested Timetable (half-day)


Get active Try Joe Wicks live PE sessions at 9am on youtube each day!
Literacy or Maths A worksheet or two from your home learning pack
Topic eg. cooking, art, model making, construction, geography
Tablet time Try some online activities from our 'Learning at home' page



Suggested Timetable (full-day)


Get active Try Joe Wicks live PE sessions at 9am you youtube each day!
Literacy Spelling or handwriting practice, then a worksheet or two from your home learning pack
Maths Times table practice, then a worksheet or two from your home learning pack
Topic eg. cooking, drawing, painting, making a model, outdoor PE, geography
Tablet Try some online activities from our 'Learning at home' page
Reading Reading to an adult or Independent



We will all miss your beaming faces and your admirable work ethic, but you have all got this and we are very excited to see you back in Y5, whenever that may be.


Don't forget to check the 'daily updates' section on our class page to see how Mason is spending his time away from Y5... surprise


You are all brilliant. Take care,


Miss Price, Mrs. Geggus and Mrs. Hawkins laugh




Children - please remember our school values, which still apply at home:


Ready- be prepared for learning with your new packs, resources and the internet to support you. Eating breakfast and staying active in your houses/ gardens will help you to be ready to learn.


Respectful- please make sure you are being as respectful to your lovely new teachers as you are to us at school! Ditto your brothers and sisters. Be kind.


Responsible- when you're asked to do some learning or activity on your own, show your family how grown up and sensible you can be - they will be impressed!