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Talk For Writing

We made our own giant beanstalk with our feet!

Summer term 5 - Talk for Writing

We found a beanstalk growing in our classroom with a nest! When we looked in the nest, we found two golden eggs. I wonder what our story could be?


As you have probably guessed, we are learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk this term. The children have taken home some beans today that they also found in the classroom. They could be magic!


Once the children have learnt the story we will send home a story map so that they can share the story with you at home.

Spring Term Talk for Writing


We have started our second Talk for Writing story this term which is Farmer Duck. The children have really enjoyed playing the part of the farmer and the duck in the story. Below is the story map which has helped the children to remember the sequence of the story and to use different words such as first, next and after that to retell the story.

Story Map for Farmer Duck

Spring Term Talk for Writing

We have started learning our new story, No Place Like Home, which is about a polar bear called George who goes on a journey to find his home. 

The children found George in the classroom on Wednesday after following lots of snowy footprints! He had a letter with him asking the children to help him find his home. Since then, George has had lots of fun with the children and got very muddy playing with the children outside!


Story text for No Place Like Home - Abridged Version

Story Map for No Place Like Home