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Learning From Home

Check back each day to see photos of your friends learning at home!

Fletcher's Hand Washing facts!
Fletcher's healthy eating work
Fletcher learning about life cycles
Fletcher learning about life cycles
Isabelle's learning about food groups
Ivy's life cycle work
Niamh's camouflaged lizard
Niamh's stingray research
Niamh's travels from home this week!
Fletcher's drawing
Fletcher's learning to draw
Fletcher's work on bumblebees
Bonnie's food chain work
Holly's pepper plant
Isabelle learning about the body
Isabelle's food chains work
Isabelle has been learning about 'alliteration'
Isabelle's maths
Isabelle's maths
Fletcher's fact file
Fletcher's new chicks
Ollie built a castle for Iggle Piggle
Fleur at work
Fleur's story
Fleur's story
Fleur's story
Fleur's story
Ollie made pancakes!
Ollie made pancakes!
Ollie made pancakes!
Ollie made pancakes!
Isabelle's sports day activities
Isabelle's sports day activities
Isabelle's sports day activities
Niamh made egg fu yung
Niamh having fun!
Niamh's fact file
Niamh's writing
Holly's board game
Bonnie's habitat work
Isabelle's handwriting practice
Isabelle's spelling practice
Isabelle's wordsearch
Isabelle's verb sorting worksheet
Fletcher's Information page
Fletcher's Meerkat
Theodore - Fletcher's new arrival!
Did Bonnie find the Magic Faraway Tree?
Bonnie's maths
Bonnie's literacy
Aiden's habitat work
Ollie has helped his Dad to build the playroom!
Holly's ocean habitat
Bonnie's ocean habitat
Niamh's Antarctic habitat
Niamh learned about India
Niamh made delicious dahl!
Fletcher's writing about habitats
Fletcher's rock painting
Ivy's experiment
Ivy's experiment
Ivy wrote about her experiment
Niamh's greek food
Niamh's pretend Greek holiday!
Niamh relaxing on her imaginary Greek holiday
Lucas has learned about plants
Lucas drew the Kraken from his poem
Lucas wrote a superhero story
I wonder which team Fletcher supports?
Fletcher's superhero
Fletcher's writing
Ollie's superhero!
Ryan's stick 'snowman'!
Esmee's stick road!
Lucas and Elena having fun!
Lucas found out about plants
Lucas learned about the seasons
Lucas learned about the seasons
Lucas did an animal quiz
Isabelle's dinosaur
Fleur's space learning
Fletcher's writing about Rottweilers
Isabelle has worked hard to learn her spellings
Niamh helped to build a shed
Niamh helped to build a shed
Niamh's shed!
Niamh's VE Day cream tea celebration
Niamh found out about Spain
Fletcher wrote about his video clip
Lucas's flower collage
Lucas's art
Fletcher's flower collage
Ollie drew a treasure map for Bradley
Ollie's handwriting
Bonnie learning about the parts of a plant
Fletcher's science
Lucas wearing a Lucas t-shirt!
Lucas' space work
Lucas' VE Day work
Fletcher and Dawson engineering!
Holly painting with homemade chalk paint
Ollie's Lego jungle
Ivy's VE Day
Ivy learning about VE Day
Ivy learning about Morse Code
Ivy's VE Day bunting
Ivy's Star Wars Crafts
Aiden's VE Day bunting
Fleur's VE Day decorations
Fleur playing Trivial Pursuit
Isabelle coding using Robot Mouse
Ollie's writing about VE day
Lucas dancing!
Lucas and Elena dancing
Lucas found out about space
Niamh's letter writing
Niamh's Winter Cake
Niamh made a collage of the solar system
Niamh washing the dishes!
Fletcher's favourite games
Isabelle has been learning some geography!
Isabelle's Maths
Charlie's Yorkshire puddings
Charlie's science experiment
Charlie wrote up his science experiment
Holly's yummy Nutella cakes
Holly's football practice for PE
How Fletcher has spent his lockdown time!
Lucas' space work
Fleur's spellings
Fleur's maths
Ollie's Time Capsule
Ollie's Faraway Tree
Isabelle's blow painting
Isabelle's blow paintings!
The contents of Fletcher's time capsule
Niamh making pizza
Niamh's delicious pizza
Niamh found out about Italy today
Isabelle playing a Maths game
Lucas' Faraway Tree
Lucas' Faraway Tree writing
Fletcher's Lego speedboat
All about Fletcher's speedboat
Isabelle meets a tiger - eek!
Niamh's yummy toast
Millie doing some vegetable painting
Millie's Faraway Tree picture
Ollie and Bradley's ladybird
Fletcher's Faraway Tree
Fletcher and Dawson on alpaca shearing day!
Fletcher helping with the shearing
Ollie's train track
Bonnie's Dragon
Bonnie's Faraway Tree
Aiden's favourite toy
Aiden's Faraway Tree
Lucas's land from The Faraway Tree
Fleur on her bike
Fleur's maths
Fleur watching Miss Hudson
Fleur's Faraway Tree
Ivy's Faraway Tree
Oliver's Lego rocket
Isabelle helping in the garden
Isabelle making toast
Isabelle learning her times tables
Lucas and Elena have been baking!
Lucas - is it a spider?? Ahhh!
Lucas's gingerbread man
Millie Made Toast
Millie Made Toast
Millie Made Toast
Millie Made Toast
Charlie learning to make Rainbow cakes
Charlie learning to make a ham and cheese omelette
Niamh cycling without stabilisers
Ollie working on past and present tense
Ollie's Lego rollercoaster
Ollie's Lego house
Niamh's completed Lego dragon
Niamh's Lego Dragon
It's Niamh's birthday!
Niamh blowing out her birthday cake candles
Niamh completing the Lego challenge
Niamh reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Fletcher learning to drive a Massey 35 tractor!
Fletcher's maths
Fletcher's writing
Fletcher's origami
Fletcher on the farm
Bonnie's literacy
Jack's science
Jack learning about the human body
Jack reading his science book
Ollie's writing
Ollie watching Miss Hudson's story time!
Isabelle's literacy
Isabelle's geography
Niamh's space writing
Niamh reading about space
Aiden's fan
Ollie on his bike
Ollie helping dad build the new playroom
Ivy playing blow football with her sister
Ivy playing blow football
Aiden playing blow football
Niamh's writing
Niamh at Easter
Fleur's writing
Fleur's literacy
Aiden's space writing
Ollie's spaceship
Lucas cooking
Lucas cooking
Aiden on his bike
Aiden cooking
Bonnie reading
Aiden's baking
Fletcher's dog
Bonnie's cooking
Bonnie at work
Niamh at home
Niamh's baking
Niamh in her box!
Ollie's cycling
Ollie helping his dad
Esmee's writing