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Weekly Update

Monday 13th July - The last week of term!


We would just like to wish you all a wonderful summer holiday!   We can't wait to have the whole school back in September.  Do keep an eye out for a letter in the next day or two from Ms. Gillion explaining the plans, as they stand at the moment.


We hope also, that you received your child's school report.  If you are not currently in school, Ms. Stone will be in touch to organise either collection or delivery.



The children will no doubt love Year 3, but if you haven't already, please watch the transition videos here


See you all again soon!


Team Year 2 :)



Monday 6th July


Hello Year 2!


We have love seeing you all on our Friday Zoom sessions, and seeing some of you in school again last week J.


With all the extra handwashing that we have to do at school and at home, we thought it would be good to find out a little more about germs, viruses (like COVID-19) and how handwashing helps is to stay well.

Have a look at the fact sheets, science experiment (very easy!!) and other fun activities.


See you on Zoom on Friday!

Monday 29th June


Good morning Year 2!


We can't wait to welcome some of you back to school this week!  In school, we will be learning all about healthy eating, as part of our science.  Do you know what the following words mean?

  • Carbohydrate
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Dairy
  • Fruit and vegetables


Can you look through your kitchen cupboards and sort your food into each of the groups listed above? 

Which foods are tricky to sort?

Of which food groups should you eat most/fewest?  Remember that everyone is different, so you may not be the same as your friend!

Can you cook something this week and name the food groups for each ingredient?


We hope you have a lovely week,


Team Year 2 :) 


Monday 22nd June


Hello Year 2!


There is only one week to go until we are able to go back to school! We are getting very excited about seeing you, but we will really miss those of you who won’t make it back this year.


This week we would love you to carry on finding out about animals, this week looking at how they change throughout their life.

Your challenge is to research the life cycles of some different animals, then have a go at drawing the life cycle of some of them. Here is an example to get you started J.

Once you’ve finished, have a think about how you have changed since you were born. What have you learned to do? What will happen to you as you grow up, when you’re an adult and when you’re old, what new things will you learn to do as you get older? Will you keep learning to do new things once you get really old or do some things become more difficult then?


Can you find some photos or draw some pictures of yourself and write down how you’ve changed, then either write or draw some information about what happens as you grow into adults and then Grannies and Grandpas.


We would love to see your completed work! (


Have a great week!

Monday 15th June


Good morning Year 2!  We are so excited that we can welcome some of you back at school in a couple of weeks time :)


As we are teaching and moving towards opening school for all children, from today we will be amalgamating our daily updates into one weekly update.  This update will be available to read each Monday and will include a range of suggested activities that you can do throughout the week with your child.  All other home learning, including weekly planning, remains the same and can be found on our home learning page.  If you still have not requested a paper pack, and would like one, please get in touch.


So this week...


If you were in school you would still be learning about animals and food chains.  Specifically:


 - How animals adapt in their habitat to keep themselves safe

 - Where animals source their food and creating simple food chains


So we were wondering whether this week you could do some research about how animals adapt in their habitats, specifically learning the word ‘camoflauge’.  Maybe you could create some camoflauged animal art like this:




Do you know what a food chain is?  Look at the examples below.  Can you pick some of your favourite animals and work out the food chain?  You may need to ask an adult or use the computer to find out!



Have a lovely week,


Team Year 2 :) 



Friday 12th June


Good morning Year 2!


How are you all?  Thank you to those who have emailed in some photos, so we can see what you have been learning at home! 


Enjoy one of our favourite stories below today, 'The Koala Who Could'.  


"Meet Kevin - A Koala who likes to keep things the SAME. EXACTLY the same. But when a change comes along uninvited one day, Kevin discovers life can be NEW & WONDERFUL."


Have a lovely weekend,


Team Year 2

The Koala Who Could - Story time with Miss Hudson

Thursday 11th June


Good morning Year 2!  Have you had chance to try the Olympic challenge yet over on the Year 2 Home Learning page?  If not, lots of the activities are PERFECT to do indoors, whilst it is raining!


We hope you have a lovely day,


Team Year 2 laugh


Wednesday 10th June


Good morning!  We hear that lots of you are catching up on your daily updates (there have been a lot of them!), so today is chance to do just that.  Scroll through the page and see if you fancy doing any of the activities that you have missed, or finish any you are part way through doing!  There's also a story to enjoy below.


Have a lovely Wednesday!


Team Year 2 laugh



When the Dragons Came

Tuesday 9th June


Good morning Year 2!


We hope that you had a good day yesterday. We have really enjoyed seeing some photos of the habitats that you have made – they all look amazing.


Today, your challenge is to find out about one of the animals that lives in the habitat that you made. What does it eat? How is it adapted to living in that environment? Is there anything special about the animal? Once you have done your research, have a go at making a fact page all about you animal. Don’t forget to include a main heading and some sub-headings, as well as pictures and interesting information! We would love to see what you find out!


Have a fun day!


Team Year 2 J



Monday 8th June


Hello Year 2, how are you? We hope you had a lovely weekend.


We thought that you may enjoy a little science  – making slime!  Here are some instructions you could follow. You could even try adding some glitter to make your slime sparkly!


Have a lovely day.


Team Year 2 J

The Dinosaur that Pooped the Bed!

A funny story to enjoy this weekend!

Friday 5th June


Good morning Year 2. 


If you had chance to research habitats yesterday, we would like you to now have a go at making a 'diorama' - this is a habitat scene, in a box!  Look at the pictures below to give you some ideas.  Pick your favourite, and have a go whilst the weather isn't so nice.  You can be as creative as you like!



Have a lovely weekend!


Team Year 2


Thursday 4th June


I hope you had a lovely day yesterday!  We've had a couple of messages about accessing White Rose - sorry we are aware that after 'Summer Week 3' you need to pay for a subscription.  We will be moving over to BBC Bitesize lessons, so please use the following link instead:


In school we would be learning all about habitats.  I wonder whether today you could find out about different habitats, and learn which animals you may find in each.  Can you create a poster, either on the computer or on a piece of paper to show your learning?  You might want to use this one as an example:


Alternatively, you may like to have a go at sorting animals into habitats like Isabelle!


Have a lovely day and we hope to see more photos of your learning soon!


Team Year 2 :) 


Wednesday 3rd June


Good morning Year 2!  


Do you know how to juggle?  With 1 ball?  With 2 balls?  With 3 balls?  Why don’t you have a go at learning.  If you use small soft balls, or balled up socks, it is a perfect activity to do indoors (especially if it rains).  


Watch this YouTube video to find out how - click here



We hope you have a super day!


Tuesday 2nd June


Good morning Year 2!


We hope you had fun yesterday, it’s lovely that it’s so sunny most days isn’t it?

We have enjoyed listening to some history podcasts over half term, and really enjoyed the ‘Homeschool History’ podcasts. Why don’t you have a look and listen to one? We listened to them on my phone, but they are also available on line here .


Have a great day!


Monday 1st June

Hello again Year 2!

How was your half term? We hope it was lovely and that you enjoyed spending time with your families enjoying the sunshine.

We did some rock painting, have a look at these ideas and maybe you could paint a rock to give to a friend.


Here also is the Lego movie that we made at home before half term, inspired by Mrs. Coopers! We used a free app called, 'Stikbot 2.0'.

Friday 22nd May


Hello Year 2. We hope you had a good day yesterday.


Today we thought that you may enjoy a science challenge. Make sure that you ask a grown up to help you!




Have a great day and enjoy the half term break!

Team Year 2smiley


Thursday 21st May


Good Morning Year 2!


We hope you had a really lovely day yesterday – wasn’t the sunshine lovely? I enjoyed reading my book in the garden for a little while!

As it looks like today will be hot and sunny too, why don’t you have a go at making an obstacle course in the garden? You could use toys to make it, or maybe you could chalk it on the ground. Then you could try to see if you can get faster at running (carefully!) through the obstacle course.



Have a fun day.


Team Year 2 smiley

Wednesday 20th May


Hello Year 2!


Well it looks like today will be another beautiful day. I’m hoping that I will manage to get outside into the garden. Why don’t you build a den in your garden today and then have an adventure in it!


Have a fun day!


Team Year 2 smiley


Tuesday 19th May

Good morning!


How did you get on with your lolly stick characters yesterday?


For your challenge today, could you draw a picture or write a story about what they are doing during lockdown? Are they flying around saving the world? Or perhaps your ballerina is dancing on the TV to help people feel better.

We’d love to see your pictures or stories! (


Have fun today!


Team Year 2 smiley



Monday 18th May

Good morning Year 2! How was your weekend? Hope it was good and you managed to find lots of fun things to do, as well as letting your Mums and Dads have a bit of a rest.

Have a look at these lolly stick super heroes and ballerinas – I though they looked like  fun to make. If you don’t have any lolly sticks at home maybe you could try using some cardboard or a stick from the garden instead.




Have a great day!


Team Year 2 smiley


Friday 15th May


Good morning Year 2!  After seeing Mrs. Cooper's Lego film, my household were inspired to create one too.  We have started with the planning - we wrote a plot for our film and started building the set. 

Mrs. Cooper used imovie, but we have decided to use a free app called 'Stikbot 2.0', which creates stop-motion film.  I'll show you the finished movie next week!


In the meantime, have a go at making, and perfecting your movie - it doesn't have to be Lego based, it can be any theme you choose.  We're looking forward to seeing them.  We hopefully can upload them to the website too, so that your friends can see what you have done.


There's also another part of The Faraway Tree below.


Happy Friday!


Team 2 :)

Storytime - The Faraway Tree Ch.25

End of Chapter 25

Thursday 14th May

Still image for this video
Hello Year 2!

We had fun making a video at home yesterday about how Lego seems to be taking over the kitchen in our house!
If you're able to, why don't you have a go at making a video and send it to us? Or you could draw a story map of what would happen in your video.

Team Year 2

Wednesday 13th May


Hey Year 2! We hope you’re all OK.


If we were in school at the moment, we would be learning all about plants in our Science lessons, so I thought that maybe you could have a go at making a collage of all the different parts of a plant a bit like the one below.


We’d love to see photos of the plants that you make! (


Team Year 2 smiley


Tuesday 12th May


Hello Year 2!

How was yesterday? We hope you had a good day and are keeping working hard.


It feels like a really long time since I saw some of my friends and family, so I’m writing some letters to say hello and find out how the people I’m missing are.


Why don’t you write a letter to somebody that you miss seeing at the moment? If you are able to post the letter to them I’m sure that it will make their day!


Have a good day!


Team Year 2 smiley



Monday 11th May


Good morning Year 2!


We hope you had a lovely long weekend and enjoyed your VE Day celebrations.


Today why don’t you have a go at making a road map like this one – you could even make some buildings to go in your town and cars to drive around too!


Thank you for keeping on working hard – we are missing you all.


Mrs Cooper and Miss Hudsonsmiley

Thursday 7th May


Hello Year 2!


We hope you’re enjoying finding out about VE day. Lots of your parents have said that you are celebrating with a socially distanced street party. To help with your celebrations, why not make some VE Day themed cakes? Or maybe you could make a poster to put up with your bunting.


I thought that these cakes looked delicious!


Team Year 2 smiley

Wednesday 6th May

Good morning Year 2!

As you now know the nation is celebrating VE Day this Friday, so why don't you have a look at the link below and start making some bunting so that you can decorate your house. If you haven't got a printer why not use these as ideas, and make your own bunting using paper or card from the recycling?

There's also the next part of our class book below.

Have a lovely day!

Team Year 2 :)

Tuesday 5th May


Good morning Year 2! How are you? Did you make any of the Star Wars crafts?


You may know that this week we are celebrating VE Day, and I wondered what you know about it. Could you find out some information about VE Day? What are we remembering and why is it important? We’d love you to tell us what you find out! (


Have a good day!


Team Year 2 smiley

Monday 4th May


Happy Star Wars Day to you Year 2!

Have a look at these Star Wars crafts, I thought they could be fun to make to celebrate!



These characters are made from old toilet rolls:


Have a fun day – keep sending us pictures or your work .


Team Year 2 smiley

Friday 1st May

Good morning Year 2!

Another chapter for you to today - just to enjoy :)

I loved the idea of making a time capsule to remember our time in lockdown - now that you've had a think about what you'd like to include why don't you print, and have a go at starting to complete the booklet below to go with your time capsule objects? If you haven't got a printer, you can look at the pages to get ideas for our own booklet. Thank you to one of our mums for the booklet!

Enjoy the day and have a lovely weekend!

Team Year 2

Thursday 30th April

Good morning!


How was yesterday? Did you have a good day?


Isabelle told us that she had made a time capsule, and we thought it was a great idea. Why don’t you draw the things that you would put in your time capsule and label them? A time capsule would have some things in that would tell somebody who found it in the future a little about you and your life.


We would love to see what you’d put into a time capsule so that we can put them onto the School website! (


Have a good day!


Team Year 2 smiley

Wednesday 29th April


Hello Year 2! Thank you so much for all of the lovely pictures of your work that you have sent in – we love seeing them.


How is the Lego challenge going? We hope that you’re enjoying it! Which is your favourite model? Why do you think that it is the best one?

Why don’t you draw a picture of your model and write a sentence or two to tell us why it’s such a great model?


Keep working hard Year 2! We miss you all.


Team Year 2 smiley


Tuesday 28th April

Good morning Year 2,

Today why don't you listen to the rest of the chapter about The Land of Toys.

Can you draw and label your own Faraway Tree? Who would live in it? Would they live in houses in the trunk? What food would grow on it? How would you get up and down? Would there be a slippery slip?

I can't wait to see your pictures!
Have a super day - and if the rain comes, don't forget about Mrs. Cooper's Lego challenge!

Team Year 2

Monday 27th April

Hello Year 2!  How was your weekend? We hope you had fun!


Have you had a look at the new online school that the government has set up? They’re learning all about some people from Ancient China. It’s really interesting and reminded me of our ‘Magic Paintbrush’ literacy lessons. Why not take a look?

You could even make this Chinese Dragon picture afterwards!


Have a great day - we all miss you! 

Team Year 2 smiley

Friday 24th April


Good Morning Year 2! We hope you’re all working hard and being kind to your families.


Have a look at this Lego Challenge – I thought it looked like a lot of fun! How many do you think that you’ll manage to do this weekend? I think we will have a go at some of them at home too – I’ll post the pictures on the website!



Have a great day! 


Team Year 2 smiley

Thursday 23rd April

Hello Year 2!

Here is the next part of our class story, Enid Blyton's, ‘The Faraway Tree'. Have a listen and then talk to your family about the questions below. Maybe afterwards you could draw your favourite toy or your dream land! Don’t forget to email them to us - we’d love to see your pictures!

Questions of the Day:
If you could turn into any toy, which would it be and why?
If you could visit just one land, where would you go?
How would you escape from The Land of Toys?

Have a lovely day in the sunshine!
Team Year 2

Wednesday 22nd April


Hello Year 2! It was so lovely to see some of you while I was in school yesterday – it made my day! It’s been great to hear from your Mums and Dads how hard you’re all working to – we are all so proud of you!

As it’s another lovely day today, why not go on a leaf hunt in your garden or while you’re at the park? If you’ve got some wax crayons at home you could try doing some leaf rubbings like these.



Keep working hard and being kind to your families. We all miss you.


Team Year 2 smiley

Tuesday 21st April


Good Morning! We hope you had a good day yesterday and that it wasn’t too strange getting back to school at home. We found it a bit odd in our house!

We thought that you may like to try out some of these indoor play ideas. I wonder which will be the best?!

Have a great day today – remember to keep working hard at home!

Team Year 2  smiley

Monday 20th April


Good Morning Year 2! How was your Easter Holiday? Did you have a great time with your family? We had a lovely few days, but we missed all of you!


As the weather is still so sunny, we thought that you may like making a paper windmill for your garden. Have a look at this video for some instructions.


We love seeing all the things you’ve been doing, so keep sending us your photos!

Have a lovely day!


Team Year 2 smiley

To our Chalgrove family...

Still image for this video
P.S: This video was taken before social distancing, don't worry!

Friday 3rd April


Hello again! Hope you had a fun day yesterday, what did you get up to?


I found this set of instructions for making your own ‘Blow Football’ game, and I thought it sounded like really good fun. Why don’t you have a go at making it? I wonder who will win the most games in your family!

Thursday 2nd  April

How was your day yesterday? Did you play any good April Fool jokes? We’d love to hear about them!

Have a look at these animals – I thought that they looked really good fun to make!


Enjoy your day! Don’t forget to keep sending us your pictures!


Mrs Cooper and Team Year 2 x

Wednesday 1st April

Still image for this video
A hello from Miss. Hudson in the Year 2 classroom!



Tuesday 31st March


Hello again Year 2!  We hope you’re all OK and enjoying spending more time with your families.

Thank you for all of the messages and photos you’ve been sending in – it's great to hear what you’re all doing. 


We played a game of Monopoly yesterday, I came last!



Which board games have you played with your family this week? What is your favourite board game?


Enjoy your day!

Mrs Cooper and Team Year 2 x


A 'P.S' from Miss Hudson: Thank you Mrs.Cooper for inspiring us to bake at home - I made banana bread! 


Monday 30th March


Good Morning!  How was your weekend? Did you have some fun playing outside in the garden in the sunshine?

I did some baking. Here’s a picture of the Millionaire’s Shortbread that I made:














We’ve seen some lovely pictures of the fun you’ve had at home last week, thank you for sending them. It looks like you’ve been baking too! We would love to see some more pictures of the delicious things you’ve baked. Maybe you could even write us some of instructions for how you made them, then we can have a go at making your recipe!


Have a great day Year 2!


Mrs Cooper and Team Year 2 x



Friday 27th March


Good morning Year 2! Something very strange has happened...Miss Hudson seems to have appeared on Mr.Benham's Year 3 daily could that have happened? I think you should check it out now. 


Did you try the art lesson? Here is it underway at Miss. Hudson's house:

As it’s another beautiful, sunny day, could you spend some time outside in the garden? Which animals can you see? Could you go on a minibeast hunt?

There are some top tips and more information here

We would love to hear which animals you found, and see some pictures that you’ve drawn of them! We could even put them on the class page if you email them to us (


Have a great day! smiley

Mrs. Cooper and Team Year 2 x


Thursday 26th March


How was yesterday? Did you watch the Steve Backshall video? Did you manage to get outside into your garden, or maybe for a walk with your family?


We’ve been doing some drawing at home, have you? There is going to be a live art lesson on a Monday and Thursday at 10.30am. If you are able to get help logging in to the internet maybe you could join in with it today. Here is the link that you will need:

If you want to share them, we would love to see some of your pictures! (


Have a lovely day!


Mrs Cooper and Team Year 2 x



Wednesday 25th March


The sun is shining again!  Yay! Can you do something fun in the garden today? 


If you missed out on Steve Backshall's live youtube session this morning all about wildlife you can watch it here:


Have a lovely day! 


Miss Hudson and Team Year 2 x


Tuesday 24th March


Good morning Year 2!  How was your day at home yesterday?  I hope you managed to get out into the garden - it was such a beautiful sunny day!


Now I know that mums and dads are very busy working at home, so sometimes you might have to occupy yourself.  If you get bored, why not try and do some of the activities on the list below.  Please send me photographs, if you do and we will put them on our class page (



Have a lovely day!


Miss Hudson and Team Year 2 x