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'The Manor House'

'Green Sea Turtles'

'The Reluctant Dragon'

'The Reluctant Dragon' Story Map

Dopey Dinosaur Destroys December Holidays!

'Dragon sighting!'

Apologies guys, as I said on the Zoom I seem to have missed out the first part (number 3 on our story map), which says 'Reports of dragon sightings in Chalgrove have sparked scenes of panic in the village.'

'Dragon Sighting' Story Map

Dolphin Boy

Miss Price running through our actions for Dolphin Boy. I wonder if you can spot which pages of our story Miss Price accidentally mixed up whilst she was editing this video together... (oops!)

"I'll Take You to Mrs. Cole!"

I'll take you to Mrs Cole

Year 3's actions and retelling of 'I'll take you to Mrs. Cole' as part of our Talk for Writing scheme.