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Thursday      04/06/2020


Good Morning Year 5,


I hope you're all having a good first week back and are managing to ease yourselves back into things.


Well done if you guessed that Mason was in New York, USA yesterday! Even better if you managed to guess that he was visiting the Empire State Building. Where do you think he could be today?


Thank you to all of those who have been sending in pictures of your fantastic Black Lives Matter posters, don't forget to check out today's Daily Topic Task for a really great story.


Finally, #OnThisDay in 1940, the British completed the "Miracle of Dunkirk" by evacuating 338,226 allied troops from France via a flotilla of over 800 vessels including Royal Navy destroyers, merchant marine boats, fishing boats, pleasure craft and even lifeboats,


Take care,


Miss Price


Wednesday 03/06/2020

Good Morning Y5,

Mason has finally sent Miss Price some footage of what he's been up to! Which famous city do you think Mason could be in? CLUE: In this country, the main language spoken is English.

Again, head over to our 'Home Learning' page for the Daily Topic Task. Today it's an activity around the Black Lives Matter movement.

Finally, #OnThisDay in 1904, Dr. Charles Richard Drew, an African-American who did groundbreaking research into blood plasma, was born.

Have a wonderful day,

Miss Price :D

Tuesday 02/06/2020

Good Morning Year 5,

Watch below for a daily update from Cade the Rotten, Miss Price and some of the Y5s who have sent in half term pics so far.

#OnThisDay in 1875, James Augustine Healey became the first Black Catholic Bishop in the USA. Don't forget to go to our 'Daily Topic Task' on the 'Home Learning' page for today's story on racism.

Have a wonderful day,

Miss Price :D

Monday 01/06/2020

Welcome back Year 5!

We hope you all had a lovely half term. Watch below for a daily update from Miss Price and Mason.

Be sure to check out the Daily Topic Task too- this week we'll be looking into the #BlackLivesMatter movement, in light of the upset and outcry currently occurring in America and throughout the world.

Finally, #OnThisDay in 1964, Kenya became a republic (where the people choose their leader!)

Take care,

Miss Price

Friday 22/05/2020

Good morning Year 5,

Have a go at the first round of 'Guess the Year 5' by clicking the video below! Grab some paper and a pen and get ready to pause the video after each question. Good Luck!

#OnthisDay in 1987, Novak Djokovic, a very famous tennis player, was born.

I hope you all have a wonderful half term- I'm looking forward to hearing all about them!

Take care. We miss you all.

Miss Price :D

Thursday 21/05/2020

Good morning Year 5,

It's Mental Health Awareness Week! Click the video below for a quick update from Miss Price and Mason.

#OnThisDay in 2005, the tallest roller coaster in the world, Kingda Ka, opened in New Jersey, USA. Yikes!

Take care,

Miss Price :D

Wednesday 20/05/2020

Good morning Y5,

We hope you are all well and have had a positive start to the week. Click below for a quick update from Miss Price and Mason.

#OnThisDay in 1932, Amelia Earhart landed near Londonderry, Ireland, to become the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. Wow!

Take care in the sun,

Miss Price and Mason :D

Tuesday 19/05/2020

Good morning Y5,

It's been a long time since we were last at school together, so watch the video below to remind yourselves what a day in Y5 looks like. Huge thanks to Manni for the clips and original ideas.

We hope you enjoy it!

Miss Price and Manni :D

Monday 18/05/2020

Good morning Y5,

Click below for a Monday update from Miss Price, as well as a look at what Mason's been up to this weekend...

Take care,

Miss Price :D

Friday 15/05/2020

Good morning Y5,

It's Friday! Mason took a little trip outside this morning. Watch below to see what he got up to and who he met along the way...

#OnThisDay in 1930, Ellen Church became the first airline stewardess.

Thank you for all of the pictures you're sending in, it's so great to see them all, please keep it up!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe,

Miss Price :D

Thursday      14/05/2020


Good morning Y5,


I hope you had fun discovering your Viking name yesterday. Head over to our photos page to see some of the terrible lot!


Today, Mason has decided to return to school to practise his Times Table Rockstars with his Year 2 friend. Have you been practising your times tables at home? I hear some of you have been getting really high scores!


#OnThisDay in 1948, Israel declared independence from British administration.


Take care,


Miss Price laugh


Wednesday      13/05/2020


Good morning Y5,


I hope you managed a Viking workout yesterday! Don't forget to send pictures of your meanest Viking face to


Here are Viking Warriors Lily the Silly and Rhys "You're deceased!" showing us how it's done:




Today, Mason is busy planning his next adventure.


Finally, #OnThisDay in 1981, Pope John Paul II survived an assassination attempt. Can you think of any famous people who have been assassinated?


Take care,


Miss Price :D


Tuesday 12/05/2020

Good morning Y5,

I've asked my Viking friend, Cade the Rotten, to introduce Mason's adventure today. Head over to the Y5 Home Learning page for Cade's Viking warrior workout. I've also posted the video below.

Finally, #OnThisDay in 1820, the famous nurse Florence Nightingale was born. The Nightingale hospitals recently set up across the country to care for Covid-19 patients are named after this inspirational woman.

Take care,

Miss Price :D

Cade the Rotten's Y5 Viking Workout

Monday 11/05/2020

Good morning Y5,

Please watch the below video for today's update!

#OnThisDay in 1904, Salvador Dali (a famous surrealist painter) was born.

Take care,

Miss Price :D

Friday      08/05/2020




We hope you have a wonderful day. Mason and I will be celebrating VE Day by participating in the following activities. Please feel free to join us...


11:00am: 2 minute silence throughout the country


11:15am: VE Day Livestream (click here)


3:00pm: Nation's Toast to the heroes of WW2

(Raise a glass/ cup to the heroes who gave us the freedom we have today by saying "To those who gave so much, we thank you")


#OnThisDay in 1945, victory was declared in Europe.


Have a fantastic bank holiday weekend,

Miss Price and Mason laugh


Thursday      07/05/2020


Good morning Y5,


I've been really enjoying seeing all of your baking you've been doing for the Y5 Bake Off! Don't forget to send pictures to so I can share them with all of your friends. Please also feel free to let me know where you're all getting your flour from, I've not seen any for months!


So I eventually found Mason in the end, he'd hidden himself away to create a challenge for you all...can you work out which body part belongs to which teacher? It's quite tricky, so I'll add a few clues below the picture and reveal the answers tomorrow.


Finally, #OnThisDay in 2020, the children of Chalgrove got excited because they knew Friday was a bank holiday!


Take care,

Miss Price laugh



1- This one's obvious! Mr. Benham

2- This teacher is used to dealing with the oldest children in school. Miss Stewart

3- This teacher taught you last year. Mrs. McHardy

4- This teacher is regretting swinging on her chair. Miss Price

5- This teacher always looks very glamorous and you're sent to her if Miss Price      can't answer your question. Ms. Stone

6- This teacher likes to leave her coffee cups all around the Y5 classroom. Mrs. G

7- This teacher just had a baby. Mrs. Mackenzie

8- This teacher is an amazing dancer and singer. Miss Hudson


Well done if you guessed correctly! laugh

Wednesday 06/05/2020

Good morning Y5,

Click below to see Miss Price showing you why you should never swing on your chair. Hopefully Mason will reappear tomorrow!

#OnThisDay in 1954, British runner Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile at Oxford University's Iffley Road running track.

Take care,

Miss Price :D

Tuesday 05/05/2020

Good morning Y5,

Watch the video below for an update from Miss Price and Mason.

Monday      04/05/2020


Good morning Y5,


I hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to find some time to relax.


Mason has got a fantastic challenge for you this week, courtesy of Edie's lovely Mum!


laugh YEAR 5 BAKE OFF  laugh


Challenge 1: Design and  cook / create a starter  (garlic bread/ vegetables platter etc) 

Challenge 2: Design and bake your favourite cookie or cake. The cookie needs to be near or the size of a 10 inch pizza or bigger!  


  • For both challenges, first design your food with pictures- make it look as fun / creative as possible! You can see how much your final food looks like your design!
  • If possible, contact at least one person from class to "magpie" ideas, for example, I might WhatsApp call Lily to find out what she's baking!


This challenge will close on Friday, so please send over your pictures to so we can share them with the rest of our class! If you don't have the ingredients in your house, you can still draw your designs out and send them in.


Good luck!

Miss Price and Mason laugh


PS. #OnThisDay in 1942, the United States began rationing food. Can you think why this may have been?


Friday 01/05/2020

Good morning Year 5,

Happy Mayday! If we weren't in lockdown today, thousands of people would be travelling into Oxford City Centre very early in the morning to celebrate the arrival of Spring. Feel free to read this article to find out what they'd be doing...

Well done if you guessed that Mason was at Thorpe Park Theme Park yesterday! Today, Mason's decided to celebrate May Day at this very famous stone circle somewhere in the UK...

Finally, #OnThisDay in 1931, the Empire State Building in New York City opened.

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend. I've heard the sun may be making a reappearance! I've popped next week's home learning up just in case you and your parents wanted to have a look at it before Monday.

Take care,

Miss Price :D

Thursday 30/04/2020

Good morning Y5,

We hope you enjoyed hearing about all of the things Miss Price and Mason miss about you yesterday. Hopefully Miss Price's chair swinging accident showed you why it's not a good idea!

Mason's back on the road again today! Where do you think he's stopped this morning? Hint: You may hear a lot of screaming at this place, but it's all good fun!

Finally, #OnThisDay in 1948 The Land Rover (Land Rover Series I) was shown for the first time at the Amsterdam Car Show, many of the original components were from Rover saloon cars including the 1.6 engine from the Rover P3 60 saloon. The car featured four-wheel drive. I know a lot of you would have guessed this from the picture I would have had on the board as you came in to class.

Take care,

Miss Price :D

Wednesday 29/04/2020

Good morning Year 5!

Miss Price and Mason would like to share with you the top 4 things they never thought they'd miss about their Year 5s but actually sort of do... do any of them seem familiar?

#OnThisDay in 1852, the first edition of Peter Roget's Thesaurus was published. We use these a lot in Year 5!

Have a great day,

Miss Price :D

Tuesday 28/04/2020

Good morning Year 5!
From Miss Price and a few people who wanted to say hi...

Monday      27/04/2020


Good morning Y5!


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and managed to have some time to chill out/ go for a walk in the sunshine/ enjoy your time off.


Mason had a fantastic adventure in Egypt last week (well done if you guessed correctly!) but he's feeling a little bit homesick today. Where do you think he may have landed?


Finally, #OnThisDay in 1900, Walter Lantz, a cartoonist and the creator of Woody Woodpecker was born. If you've not heard of Woody Woodpecker, ask your parents!


Take care,


Miss Price laugh


Friday 24/04/2020

Good morning Y5,

Happy Friday! I hope you're all well and looking forward to a bit of a break this weekend. It was so lovely to speak to some of your parents/ you yesterday. Please keep looking out for calls from a mysterious unknown number- it's probably me!

Where do you think Mason has arrived today? Sorry Year 5, there's no hint for this one!

If you get bored over the weekend, Miss Stewart has found a fantastic live webcam feed where you can see what all of the meerkats and penguins at Cotswold Wildlife Park are up to!

Finally, #OnThisDay in 1953, Sir Winston Churchill was knighted. If you're not sure what this means, Google it or have a look in a dictionary.

Have a lovely weekend and take care,

Miss Price :D

Thursday 23/04/2020

Good morning Y5,

Mason is busy travelling to his next destination today, so Miss Price has done a quick update for you. Well done if you guessed that he was in Venice, Italy yesterday!

#OnThisDay in 1896, the first film premiered in New York.

Take care,

Miss Price :D

Wednesday 22/04/2020

Good morning Y5!

I hope you’re all feeling well and are beginning to adjust to home learning again.

Did you guess where Mason was yesterday? Paris! He’s moving on to a new city today, where do you think he could be? Hint: you’re more likely to catch a water taxi than a road taxi in this beautiful city…

#OnThisDay in 1509, Henry VIII ascended the throne. Can you remember any facts about Henry VIII?

Enjoy the sun and take care,

Miss Price :D

Tuesday 21/04/2020

Good morning Y5,

I hope you've all had a positive start to the week and found the home learning support helpful. I've heard there were a few problems with accessing the White Rose Maths Hub; hopefully this will be fixed by tomorrow, I think it was due to the large number of people trying to get onto the website. Please feel free to email me with any questions concerning work on our new email address: and I can try to help you out.

Today, Mason has decided to travel abroad! Luckily, travel restrictions don't apply to bears. Where do you think he's visiting today? Hint: Mason might be having a croissant for breakfast rather than cereal...

Finally, #OnThisDay in 1926, our Queen was born. Happy birthday Queen Elizabeth II!

Take care,

Miss Price :D

Monday 20/04/2020

Hello wonderful Y5s,

I hope you’re all well and had a wonderful Easter with your families. Hopefully you managed to have an Easter egg or five…

For your suggested home learning tasks this week, head on over to our Y5 Home Learning page, where you’ll see I’ve uploaded a file with the suggestions on. I’ll be doing this every week for the foreseeable future. If you’re finding the tasks too tricky, have a look at the ‘more support’ box for suggestions as to what to do. Equally, if you want a bit more of a challenge, have a look at the ‘challenge’ box to push yourself further. Please remember: these are just suggestions to support your home learning, every home is different at the moment and we're not expecting you to be working as if you were in school!

I’ll also be setting you daily topic tasks to complete if you are able to. Our new topic for this term is THE VIKINGS! You’ll find these on our Y5 Home Learning page too.

Mason has had a very chilled Easter, but he’s excited to continue with some more adventures this term. I’ll continue to upload them on here for you. Which famous film/ Roald Dahl book is Mason dancing along to today?

Finally, #OnThisDay in 1889, Adolf Hitler was born.

Take care,

Miss Price :)

To our Chalgrove family...

Still image for this video
P.S: This video was taken before social distancing, don't worry!

Friday 03/04/2020

Good morning Year 5! it's technically the last day of term today and had we been in school we would have been doing some fun Easter activities and maybe even an Easter egg hunt. Maybe you could do one with your family instead? If you don't have any chocolate eggs, you could always draw some and hide them around your houses.

Well done to those of you who guessed that Mason was recreating 'Matilda' yesterday! Which famous fairy tale do you think he is recreating today?

HINT: It's probably not the best idea to go and sell your cow at market for something other than money...

Finally, #OnThisDay in 1847, Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the first telephone, was born.

Have a wonderful Easter break and I'm looking forward to catching up with you all afterwards. If you get the chance, ask your lovely parents to take some pictures of what you get up to, send them to and we can share them with the class.

I miss you a lot and I'm sure you're missing each other too. Take care and remember to choose kind.

Miss Price :D

Thursday      02/04/2020


It's Thursday! I hope you are all well and no-one got away with playing any April Fool's Day tricks on you (apart from me- did you notice the flying video wasn't real?)


Well done to those of you who guessed that Mason was acting out Harry Potter yesterday. Which famous book (and film) do you think he's acting out today? Click here to launch the video. Hint: this character wouldn't want to end up in the chokey...


Thank you to those of you who have sent me pictures and emails, they continue to make me smile and I'll be uploading them onto our class photos page later today!


Finally, #OnThisDay in 1805, Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish author of fairy tales such as 'The Little Mermaid' and 'The Ugly Duckling' was born. He also wrote 'The Snow Queen' which the famous movie 'Frozen' is based on.


Take care guys,

Miss Price laugh

Wednesday      01/04/2020


Happy April Fool's Day Y5! I hope you are having a wonderful week and aren't planning to play any horrible tricks on your unsuspecting parents and siblings today.


Well done if you guessed Mason’s challenge correctly: yesterday was Tarzan! Which book do you think he’s recreating today? Here's a hint to help you out: Mason appears to be sat in the cupboard under the stairs... Click here to launch the video.


I can't quite believe it's April already! I know you must be missing your friends, so as always, if you have any pictures you'd like to share with the class, send them to so I can put them on the class photos page.


Finally, #OnThisDay in 2008, the BBC revealed a colony of flying penguins had been discovered! Click here to have a look...


Take care and look after yourselves,

Miss Price laugh

Tuesday      31/03/2020


Good morning Y5! It's another absolutely beautiful day outside and I'm wondering how you're all spending it. If you'd like to take pictures of what you've been up to, please feel free to send them to and we can share them with the rest of the class!


Miss Price and Mason are now self-isolating, so Mason has decided to go on an indoor adventure! We are both okay and are already looking forward to being back outdoors. Which Disney film do you think Mason could be recreating below? I'll reveal the answer tomorrow...


Finally, #OnThisDay in 1889, the Eiffel Tower first opened in Paris. It's 300m high! Yikes!


Have a fantastic day and take care,

Miss Price laugh


Monday      30/03/2020


Hello Y5, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend, whether you were playing, chilling or having a walk through the village. Thank you for your lovely emails, I'm looking forward to replying to them later today!


Mason has been helping Miss Price with some of her Literacy marking. There have been so many persuasive arguments, that Mason’s now not sure whether break times are a good thing or not!


Finally, #OnThisDay in 1853, the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh was born, and strangely enough, also on this day in 1987, his painting 'Sunflowers' sold for nearly $40 million!


I'm missing you all. Take care and make sure you're continuing to be Ready, Respectful and Responsible,

Miss Price laugh


Friday      27/03/2020


Good morning Y5s! I hope you are all feeling positive and have enjoyed your first week of learning from home.


Mason! This morning, I've been searching everywhere trying to find our furry friend and this is what I came across in my garden! Cheeky monkey! Have any of your friends been getting up to mischief in your house? If they have, we could put pictures of them on the class page if you email them to us (


#OnThisDay in 1912, the first cherry blossom trees, a gift from Japan, were planted in Washington, D.C. See if you can spot any beautiful blossom trees on your walks this week.


Take care,

Miss Price laugh


Thursday      26/03/2020


Good morning Y5s! I hope you're all managing well at home and haven't been annoying your parents too much! My housemate and I have just downloaded the new Disney + channel which is proving to be very distracting.


Mason has decided to take a break from all this madness and has popped off for a quick safari with his Y2 friend Star Bear! I wonder where they’ll go...


Finally, #OnThisDay in 1874, Robert Frost, the poet and multiple Pulitzer Prize-winner was born.



Take care and have a brilliant day,

Miss Price laugh

Wednesday      25/03/2020


Good morning wonderful Y5s! I hope you are all well.


Another beautiful day today and Mason has decided to pop back in to school today to help out with some of our key worker children! Have a look at our Twitter feed to find out where he's been sneaking off to this morning...


In other news, #OnThisDay in 1970, The Concorde makes its first supersonic flight.


All the best,

Miss Price laugh

Tuesday      24/03/2020


Good morning Y5! I hope you all managed to have a positive day yesterday and have woken up today ready to start your learning again.


Miss Price has woken up to a bit of a mess this morning! Mason has decided that she needs a rainbow picture in her window, as even in Didcot the rainbow I spy game is going on! Why don’t you count how many beautiful rainbows you can spot around Chalgrove on your walks today?


Thank you very much if you've sent me an email letting me know what you've been up to- it makes me smile and I'm looking forward to sitting down and replying!


In other news, #OnThisDay in 2018, Australian cricket batsman Cameron Bancroft was caught on camera rubbing the match ball with an object during 3rd Cricket Test in Cape Town. It turned out he was sandpapering the ball to 'make it swing' and he got into a lot of trouble as this is cheating!


Take care,

Miss Price laugh




Monday      23/02/2020


Good morning lovely Year 5s!


What a glorious morning to wake up to. I hope you're all well and have had a lovely weekend. laugh


If you get a bit lost with your learning packs this morning, please use the websites that Mr. Benham has kindly provided on the 'learning from home' section of the website to help you. I am also available on email, just send a message to me via Ms. Stone at


Mason has decided to start the week off on a healthy note, before joining in with The Body Coach's PE Lesson on YouTube this morning. Don't forget to keep active during this strange time, whether it's a YouTube workout or a kick about in the garden with your family.


All the best,

Miss Price laugh