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We will upload the story and maps as we do them for you to join in at home.

TfW: Term 5: Jack and the Beanstalk


Awaiting content.

TfW: Term 4: Farmer Duck


  • The children have developed their vocabulary by describing pictures of farm scenery or close up pictures of animals.
  • The children were hooked into our story by trying to solve the mystery of what had been in our classroom.
  • The children learnt the story of 'Farmer Duck' using a story map and actions.
  • The children then worked together to innovate the story.
  • The children then worked in groups to create their own version of the story using props and creating story maps.
  • This week, the children will have a go at writing a part of their story.

TfW: Non-fiction - animals

We are looking at zoo animals this week and will focus on describing them to create fact files. We will describe how they look, what they eat and the habitats where they live. We will use examples of non-fiction books and lots of pictures to encourage descriptive language.

TfW term 3: No Place Like Home

Some activities we have done are as follows:


  • We wrote whole class poems based on pictures of different environments.

Please see the pictures and examples below. Your child could have a go at saying their own sentence for the poem.


  • We talked about going on a journey. The children imagined the journey they were going on and how they were going to get there. We used the language, First, next, after that and finally. For example, "I am going to Legoland. First I will pack my bag for the day. Next I will get in my car and drive along the motorway. After that I will play 'I Spy' with my brother. Finally I will go into Legoland and have lots of fun."
  • We had a visitor in class. He is a polar bear called George. The children love him and are taking good care of him. We then started to tell and map our story. Please see the photos and video below to support at home.
  • Completing a story map as a whole class. 
  • Changing the story map - the characters and where they went on their journey.
  • Making our own story maps from the story.
  • Creating whole class stories from scratch.
  • Creating individual story maps in groups to tell our own stories, oral storytelling, and writing labels for our maps.


(Please see some example pictures below)

TfW term 1 :Supertato

Learning our new Talk for Writing story

Here are some things we have been doing to support our learning of the story

Supertato story map

Children's Supertato story maps

Changing our story using the children's ideas