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Learning from Home

Picture 1 Joss practising push ups
Picture 2 Joss's leaf prints
Picture 3 Joss walking
Picture 4 Jamie and his new friend!
Picture 5 Harry's visiting hedgehogs
Picture 6 Harry feeding the hedgehog
Picture 7 Corinna and Alex working hard on Maths
Picture 8 Corinna and Alex working hard on Maths
Picture 9 Alex practising his football skills
Picture 10 Alex painting
Picture 11 Alex's mosiac
Picture 12 Alex on his bike ride
Picture 1 Josh and Alfie
Picture 2 Josh baking
Picture 3 Josh and Alfie
Picture 4 Josh baking!
Picture 5 Joss loading the washing machine
Picture 6 Joss using the washing machine
Picture 7 Louise making dinner
Picture 8 Louise camping!

Jamie learning to unicycle!

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Jamie's drift bike, which he made with his Dad!

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Picture 1 Joss hard at work
Picture 2 Joss and Devon's VE cake!
Picture 1 Fearne and Jess's VE day display
Picture 2 George's house all ready for VE day
Picture 3 Tom's rock candy instructions
Picture 4 Fearne's VE day window design
Picture 5 George whittling
Picture 1 Zack creating a circuit board for his Morse code
Picture 1 Joss's circuit board
Picture 2 Joss's circuit board
Picture 1 Corinna attempting knitting!
Picture 1 Harry on his 8k run
Picture 2 Harry on his 8k run
Picture 1 Alex cooking!
Picture 2 Alex enjoying a 9k run!
Picture 3 Alex making his mosiac
Picture 4 Josh and Alfie
Picture 5 Josh adventuring!
Picture 6 Josh making his lunch challenge!
Picture 7 Jule making pici pasta!
Picture 8 Jule making pici pasta
Picture 9 Toby making his pizza!
Picture 10 Toby's finished pizza!
Picture 1 Corinna working hard at her new desk!
Picture 1 Josh and his dog!
Picture 2 Josh and his dog!
Picture 3 Josh hard at work with his siblings!
Picture 1 Tom's cookies, Yum!
Picture 1 Ryan enjoying his book!
Picture 2 Corinna's pudding!
Picture 1 Ryan and Ollie's Viking workout!
Picture 1 Joss's baking!
Picture 2 Joss with his dog Baler
Picture 3 Joss and one of his favourite chickens!
Picture 1 Fearne's pudding!!
Picture 2 Fearne's pets!
Picture 1 Harry making cookies
Picture 2 Harry's cookies!
Picture 1 Zack practising his bike skills
Picture 2 Zack enjoying a 13 mile cycle!
Picture 1 Ryan hard at work!
Picture 2 Ryan making his brothers birthday cake! Yum!
Picture 3 Ben enjoying a bike ride
Picture 4 Ben enjoying a walk with his family
Picture 1 Ben's end result!! Yum!
Picture 2 Ben icing his cake
Picture 3 End result of Joss's cakes, Yum!!!
Picture 4 Joss baking for St George's day!
Picture 1 Fearne's Easter collection!
Picture 2 Fearne enjoying the outdoors!
Picture 1 Alex painting!
Picture 2 Alex cleaning!
Picture 3 Alex mosiac making!
Picture 4 Cornina's wrap pizza and dark chocolate cookies
Picture 5 Daisy's English work
Picture 1 Ben working on his personal challenge!
Picture 2 Pippa joining Zack for PE with Joe Wicks!
Picture 1 Zack out for his daily exercise!
Picture 1 Harry camping in the garden
Picture 2 Harry running 7k!
Picture 3 Harry running 8k!!
Picture 1 Harry's desk is older than his Dad!
Picture 1 Joss and Devon den making
Picture 2 Joss and Devon den making
Picture 3 Joss and Devon den making

Jamie riding his

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Picture 1 Tom building his own engine!
Picture 2 Alex making pancakes!
Picture 3 Alex enjoying the outdoors!
Picture 4
Picture 5

Jamie flying a

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Jamie flying his kite!
Picture 1 Alex designing his formula one car!
Picture 2 Alex getting his boxing practice in!!
Picture 3 Joss hard at work!
Picture 4
Picture 5 Joss's Laudry art!