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Home Learning- Term 6

Zoe's rainbow walk!
Dylan's fantastic descriptions!
Zoe's beautiful space art!
Zach's been playing some mega card games!
Looks like Rhys has been busy painting...
..and cutting...
Wow! Fab space art Rhys!
Rhys has also done a fantastic recycling poster!
Jemma's colourful recycling poster!
An example of some recycling posters...

Owen's been trying his hand (or foot!) at Footgolf...

Still image for this video
Zach's wonderful spelling wordsearch!
Wow! Chalgrove or the Caribbean?
The pirate captain himself!
Now that looks like my kind of treasure chest!
Complete with pirate themed snacks
Manni's been busy baking again!
...but also making some time for work... between his intense workout schedule!
Some more fabulous writing from James
...and some more!
Alfie has walked more than 4 marathons in 30 days!
Rhys' wonderful Harriet Tubman acrostic
A beautiful Harriet Tubman acrostic from Jemma!
Jemma's very colourful BLM poster
Connor has been practising his 3D shapes!
Dylan's informative racism poster!
Rosemary has some fat pigeons in her outhouse!
Orson's Hokusai art- scary!
Rosemary's beautiful Black Lives Matter poster
Ollie's fab BLM poster
Edie has also produced a lovely one
Rhys has also been very busy has Owen. What a wonderful idea
Rhys' response to Tuesday's video. Fab.
Edie has been enjoying her golf during lockdown!
She also had a camp out with her sisters!
Zach's jenga is almost as tall as him!
There's no denying who this jenga belongs to!
Zach has also been on some lovely walks...
...some more hilly than others.
Rhys' version of Youlbury!
Complete with camping...
...lots of games...
...roasting marshmallows...
...and lots of decent camping snacks!
Slightly higher quality breakfast than at Youlbury
Manni has been trying his hand at cooking!
Look at that concentration!
Testing the goods...
...and eating them for tea!
Monty didn't want to feel left out...
Looks like they tasted great Manni!

Home Learning- Term 5

Can you guess who Dylan has drawn for us?
A message from Dylan to everyone!
Can you work out what Max is asking his friend?
Ollie continuing to work hard on his times tables!
Jemma's ladybird/butterfly noughts and crosses!
Max has been busy crafting a clay Viking ship...
...doesn't it look great!
Orson's masterclass in carrot cake making...
Zach's been writing instructions for a lego ship!

Maths with Mr. Higginbotham

Still image for this video
Dylan's banana bread! Guess who?
Viking warrior Olaf Ironside
Viking warrior Ragnar Whitemane
Viking warrior Olaf the Red
Viking warrior Cade the Rotten
Harry has been practising his somersaults!

Rhys showing us how a Viking workout is done!

Still image for this video

...and again! Smashed it!

Still image for this video
Viking warrior Lily the Silly
Viking warrior Rhys "You're deceased!"
Rhys absolutely smashing his Viking workout!
Alfie's cat Felix helping him out with decimals!
Lily's very neat starter...
...and her glorious VE Day '75' cake!
James has also been busy baking...
...look at that cake!
Alice's wonderful Y5 cookie!
Dylan's wonderful scones... looks like they tasted good too!
Jemma's been very busy today...! Look at that Viking longship cake!
Rosemary has baked a VE Day themed cake!
Max has also been baking up a storm... well as preparing tea for his entire family!
Orson's devilled eggs!
Orson has also made a paleo snickerdoodle cookie!
Edie's delicious-looking NHS cookie!
Jack's been busy baking for the Bake Off...
...look at those yummy Nutella chocolate cookies!
Zoe's peanut butter/choc chip mega cookie!
Rhys' Bake Off plan...
...mixing and measuring...
WOW! A giant jammie dodger!
George measuring his Bake Off entry...
...carefully spooning the mixture...
...completed! Look at those yummy cupcakes!
Alice has decorated her entire house with bunting!
Ollie's wonderful bunting!
Jack furiously practising his times tables...
Alfie's wonderful, colourful bunting!
Jemma and her family have made these fab pom poms! they are!
Connor has made a fab e-safety poster... it is!
Edie's beautiful Viking diagram!
Edie has also opened up a bakery...
Can you guess which flag Rhys has made?
Rhys' awesome Viking research
George working hard on his Viking warrior... it is!
Ollie working hard on his Viking comprehension!
Ollie and Ryan's hardcore Viking workout!
Alice reading in interesting places...
Jemma has made a lego rainbow!
Amy and Daisy have built a house!
Alfie's wonderful Viking shield
Alfie has been busy baking...
Ollie's fantastic Thor poster!
Ollie's been making a b-day cake for his brother!
He's also been working hard...
Rhys' weird Viking belief poster...
...and Viking warrior diagram!
James' fantastic Viking comic strip!
James is also making sure he still has golden time
Max busy working hard...
Max has been busy baking...
Wow! Look at that!
....and it's a rainbow!
Rosemary's wonderful Viking artwork!
She has also made a gorgeous Viking necklace!
You'll never guess who drew this?
Some of Jemma's wonderful Viking weaving!
Orson's fantastic Viking comic strip!
Zach's Viking warrior diagram!
Zach has also been busy baking...
...another rainbow cake!


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