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Year 4 Memories.

Logan's Brilliant Year 4 Memories

NHS work

Daniel's work
Cameron's work
Devon's work 1
Devon's work 2

Book Recommendations and Recipes

Logan's Treacle tarts
Devon's Chocolate Brownie recipe
Devon's ingredients
Devon's mixing
The Final result!
Cameron's Book Recommendation
Cameron's Omelette Recipe

Photography Corner!

Chick time!
Devon's Cheeky chicks!
Cameron's Photo gallery
Cameron's Photography tips!
Logan's Electricity work
Devon's Electricity crossword
Devon's Electrical safety
Devon's Mains or Battery
Sophia's Exciting Electricity presentation
Evie's Exciting Electricity presentation
Static Electricity!
Cameron's Dangers of Electricity poster
Cameron's - Using Electricity Safely
Cameron's Electricity information
Ellie's Static Electricity Experiment
Daniels Using Electricity Safely
Daniels Mains or Battery
Jack's Mains or Battery
Haunted house writing.
Daniel's story
Oliver's story page 1
Oliver's story page 2
Oliver's story page 3
Daniel's Haunted House story p1
Daniel's Haunted House story p2
Sophia's Haunted House story
Evie's Haunted House story
Devon's Haunted House story
Olivia's Haunted house story 1
Olivia's Haunted house story 2
Elena's Abandoned house story
Elena's planning
Ed's Haunted house story
Cameron's Haunted house story 1
Cameron's Haunted house story 2
Cameron's story opening
Cameron's boxed up
Jack's story 1
Jack's story2
Daniel's plan
Back to 'home-school' work!
Devon's Adverbial clauses
Evie's Adverbial clauses
Sophia's Adverbial clauses
Cameron's chicken
Alpaca time!
Daniel's Adverbial clauses conversation
Daniel's Adverbial's
Ed's French work
Logan's Synonyms writing
Daniel's Spelling work
Logan's -The Canal - Cartoon strip
Logan's - The Canal - Lots of work!
Daniel's - The Canal - Comprehension
Daniel's - The Canal - Comprehension
Devon's - The Canal - Storymap Para 6
Ed's - The Canal - comprehension
Ed's - The Canal - comprehension
Cameron's - The Canal - comprehension
Cameron's - The Canal - comprehension
Cameron's new chicks!
Cameron's - The Canal - Alternative ending
Cameron's - Missing Punctuation
Daniel's Conjunctions
Daniel's - Missing Punctuation
Daniel's writing
Devon's -The Canal - Para 6 storymap
Cameron, Nala and Dolly!
Cameron's conversation.
Cameron's - The Canal - storymap para 6
Daniel's - The Canal - Punishment ideas.
Ed's - Missing Punctuation.
Ed's - The Canal - Alternative ending
Olivia's - The Canal - storymap and conversation
Olivia's - Missing punctuation
Ed's - The Canal - Paragraph 6
Logan's The Canal - Para 5 & 6 storymaps
Logan's Times tables - full marks!
Cameron's - The Canal - Cartoon strip
Cameron's - The Canal - storymap 5
Cameron's - The Canal - Para 5 - for and against
Daniel - Reel to reel recorder
Daniel's - The Canal - Para 5 work and predictions
Devon's - The Canal - storymap
Ed's - The Canal - cartoon strip and para 5 work
Olivia's - The Canal - Paragraph 5 work
Olivia's - The Canal work
Olivia's - Connectives and Ultimate X tables
Ed and Ollie reading
Ed's great maths work
Ed's new Maths book
Logan's - The Canal - Comprehensions and Storymap4
Logan's times tables
Logan's ultimate times tables
Devon - The Canal - Storymap 4
Devon's - The Canal - comprehension
Devon's amazing drawing
Ed's - The Canal - conversation
Ed's - The Canal - rope swing and predictions
Ed's French colours
Evie's - The Canal - Comprehension
Evie's - The Great Wave
Sophia's - The Canal - Comprehension
Sophia's - The Great Wave
Daniel's -The Canal - Comprehension
Cameron's The Canal - conversation
Daniel's - The Canal - actions
Daniel's - The Canal - rope swing work
Elena's Missing Punctuation
Elena's - The Canal work
Jack's - The Canal - conversation
Jack's - The Canal - rope swing
Daniel's - The Canal - sketch and sounds
Daniel's - Art - The Great Wave
Logan's - The Canal - Part 3
Ellie's - The Canal - Rope swing 'for and against'
Cameron - The Canal - Storymap 3
Cameron's - The Canal - Rope Swing
Cameron's - Fan making
Devon's - Direct and Indirect speech
Devon's - The Canal - Storymap and reasons.
Devon's - The Canal - Storymap
Cameron's The Canal storymap p2
Cameron's Canal drawing
Daniel's - The Canal - For and Against
Daniel's Perimeter work
Daniel's Perimeter work
Logan's - The Canal - Drawing and noises
Jack's - The Canal - Reasons for and against
Jack's Canal drawing
Olivia's - The Canal - Storymaps and reasons
Logan's - The Canal - Storymap and reasons
Cameron's - The Canal - Storymap
Cameron's - The Canal - Reasons for and against
Sophie's Beautiful butterfly painting
Sophie's Roman mosaic of the sky at sunset
Sophie's Classification
Sophie's Classification 2
Week 5's work and photos.
Daniel's Leaf collection
Elena's enlarged butterfly drawing
Logan identifying leaves
Logan's leaf identifying
Logan's classification
Logan's leaf identification
Elena's classifications
Elena's sorting diagram
Elena's writing
Devon's leaves
Devon's leaf rubbing
Devon's leaf rubbing
Devon's eggs!
Devon's eggs!
Devon's eggs!
Devon's eggs!
Devon's classification
Devon's blossom
Devon's tree identification
Devon's eggshells work
Devon's investigation work
Devon's investigation work
Daniel's enlarged drawing
Daniel's classification
Olivia's Sorting diagrams
Jack's leaf investigation
Elena's silver birch tree
Elena's sycamore tree
Elena's horse chestnut blossom
Cameron's leaves
Cameron's leaves
Cameron's leaves
Cameron's leaves
Cameron's leaves
Elena's tree hunt
Elena's Sorting diagrams
Elena's Information on barn owls and flamingos
Bertie's Beetle information
Cameron's daily exercise!
Cameron's Animal classification 1
Cameron's Animal classification 2
Cameron's Animal classification 3
Cameron's sorting 1
Cameron's sorting 2
Charlie's delicious baking!
Daniel's Animal classifying 1
Daniel's Animal classifying 2
Daniel's Eggs-periment
Daniel's Food Chain
Daniel's Food Pyramid
Daniel's Animal sorting
Elena's animal sorting
Elena's Food Chains
Elena's Improving sentences
Elena's science
Upsidedown Elena!
Charlie's Roman Numeral clock
Charlie's Roman Numeral quantities
Charlie's Roman Numerals
Charlie's Division
Bertie's sentences - Don't read the pug one!
Bertie's smoothie
Olivia's Science work
Olivia's food chains
Olivia's sentence work
Sophia's Teeth poster
Evie's Teeth Poater
Plant diagram
Evie and Sophia's plant diagram
Evie and Sophia's plants
Evie and Sophia's plants
Jack's teeth experiment 1
Jack's Teeth experiment 2
Jack's teeth experiment 3
Week 4 - Science work
Logan's Science - body parts
Logan's work on teeth
Devon's food chain work
Cameron's research - Chicken's digestive system
Cameron's work on the digestive system
Cameron's food chain
Jack's food chain
Cameron's food chains work
Cameron's digestive system work
Logan's digestive system
Logan's animal teeth
Jake's experiment 1
Jake's experiment write up
Jake's digestive system
Elena's healthy eating pyramid
Elena's experiment
Devon's squeezing the ingredients
Devon's stomach!
Squeezing through the intestines
The end result! Well done Devon.
Daniel's Digestive system
Daniel's labelled body
Daniel's teeth
Sophie's smiley eggs
Sophie's Eggs-periment!
Sophie's predictions
Sophie's Digestive system
Elena's Eggs-periment!
Elena's Science investigation sheet
Elena's Teeth poster
Elena's Digestive system
Devon's Eggs-periment!
Devon's Digestive system
Devon's Healthy diet
Devon's teeth work
Devon's Skull matching
Cameron's Digestive system - labelled
Ellie's Digestive system cut out
Ellie's Digestive system labelled
Jack's Digestive system cut out
Jack's Digestive system labelled
Cameron's Eggs-periment
Cameron's Teeth work
Jack's Body parts work
Jack's poster
Jack's teeth information
Ed's Teeth poster
Ed's Eggs-periment
Oliver's body parts work
Week 3
VE Day research and celebrations!
Jake's VE day window display
Jake's VE day display
Jake's VE day cakes
Cameron's VE Day research
Ed's Lego VE Day bunting
The Romans
Daniel's Roman Emperor writing
Daniel's Roman Emperor writing
Devon's Roman numerals
Devon's Emperor writing
Daniel's question to ask a Roman soldier
Elena's Emperor information
Elena's finished Emperor infromation text
Elena's Flora information
Evie's Emperor information text
Sophia's Emperor information text
Sophie's Emperor information text
Ed's Roman Emperor information text.
Jack's Roman Emperors
Ellie's Emperors
Bertie's Emperors
Cameron's Roman Emperors
Sophie's Flora drawing and acrostic information
Sophie's Roman food information
Ellie's Roman sandals instructions
Ellie's - Flora information
Other work.
Logan's tense doctor work
Logan's Gaspard profile
Cameron's Maths with Peppa
Ed watching a Nature History Museum webinar
Ed's Tense Doctor work
Ellie's story part 1
Ellie's story part 2
Cameron's Gaspard profile
Cameron's Social distancing story writing
Cameron's Gaspard book review
Logan's Honey cake recipe and Fronted adverbials
Baxter's 1st diary by Sophie
Paxter's 2nd diary by Sophie
Photo Gallery!
Daniel's mosaic
Ed's 10k Bike ride
Ed chilling!
Devon's baking
Logan's honey cake 1
Logan's honey cake 2
Logan's honey cake 3
Logan's honey cake 4
Logan's honey cake 5
Elena's glow sticks 1
Elena's glow sticks 2
Baxter and Beasley!
Week 1 and 2

Our Roman's work!

Cameron's Flora research
Jake's storymap part 5
Jack's vestal virgin drawing
Olivia's comprehension and storymap
Olivia's storymap and research
Oliver's Flora research
Jake's storymap part 1
Jake's storymap part 2
Jake's Wedding drawing.
Jake's storymap part 3
Jake's storymap part 4
Jake's Vestal Virgins drawing.
Evie's emperor writing
Sophia's storymap part 5
Cameron's Part 4 storymap and facts
Cameron's Part 5 story map / research on Emperors
Daniel's Roman Marching song
Elena's Venus information and drawing
Devon's comprehension p1
Devon's comprehension p2
Ellie's Roman Emperor p1
Ellie's Roman Emperor p2
Ellie's Roman Emperor p3
Emilia's Roman bride work
Oliver's fantastic Neptune drawing
Oliver's Neptune writing
Sophie's storymap Part 1 and 2
Evie's amazing Vestal Virgins drawing.
Elena's storymap Part 4 and 5
Elena's Vestal Virgin facts and Roman Emperors
Elena's Romans v Celts facts page 1
Elena's Romans v Celts page 2
Logan's storymap Part 5
Sophia's storymap part 4
Logan's storymap part 4
Ellie's Vestal Virgin story map and facts
Ellie's Vestal Virgin picture
Cameron Part 3 writing
Cameron's Roman Information
Cameron's Part 2 storymap
Elena's storymap part 2.
Elena's storymap part 3.
Devon's storymaps and research
Olivia's storymap part 1 and 2 and research
Cameron's storymap part 1
Logan's storymap part 2
Charlie's storymap part 1.
Ed's storymap part 1.
Logan's storymap part 1.
Charlie's storymap part 3.
Charlie's storymap part 2.
Ellie's storymap part 1.
Elena's storymap part 2.
Logan's storymap part 3.

Cameron's Alpaca Shearing!

Photos to make you smile!

Devon's instructions