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Hello Reception Families,


This half term we will recommend that you use the Oak National Academy for free online lessons. Each day there is a Maths, English and Foundation/PSHE activity. These sessions will not always follow what we are covering in school but they do cover the EYFS objectives. The website also provides activity 'clubs' and an assembly if you wish to use them.


We will continue to add daily updates that will follow what we have been teaching in class so that you can practise at home. You can choose to mix and match or follow what works best for your family.


Best wishes,

The Reception Team

Reception Week 5 Home Learning Plan

Reception Week 4 Home Learning Plan

Reception Week 3 Home Learning Plan

Reception Week 2 Home Learning Plan

Reception Week 1 Home Learning Plan

Summer Term 2020


Hi Reception Families,

Welcome back to the Home Learning Page. Thank you for all the amazing photos that you have been sending in so far, it is great to see you and what you have been up to at home. Please don't worry if you think you are not doing enough, you are probably doing far more than you think! So far I am learning how to do more with technology and videoing myself has become the new normal (but I will be pleased when I can stop!) I am still looking forward to the time that we can all be back in school together and having fun. 


This page will be dedicated to a weekly plan of core learning activities. A new plan will be added each week for you to read or print off. There will be links to websites and activities on this pdf. You can choose to do these tasks daily or pick out ones that suit your families needs. There will also be a weekly writing task for you to take part in. Please send photos of your lovely work and send them to the Reception email address. Then I can upload your pictures onto the website and add your writing to the 'Writer's Gallery.' Although it is not essential to do everything it will be helpful to your child to practise their phonics, reading and writing at least once a week.


We have chosen to use the 'White Rose Maths' as a school and the EYFS plans are full of fun activities that are linked to a book/theme each week. Try to have a go at some of these activities but don't feel you have to do them all. We will use these themes for the weeks activities as we would in school. We will add daily updates with additional activities based along these themes, we may even read a story or add links to further activities.


Read, Write, Inc are producing daily phonics lessons so that you don't have to try to teach them! Set 2 will practise over what we have learnt so far, it is important your children know these ready for reading, writing and Year 1. If your child is confident to learn new sounds then try Set 3, these are phase 5 phonic sounds and mainly taught in Year 1 (There are no new sounds in phase 4 as this is dedicated to reading and writing words). Each session will be online for 24 hours.

You can just use the phonic flashcards if you prefer as you can use them without being online and it will still remind the children of what each sound is. Pick what works best for you and your child.


The Oxford Reading Owl website offers over 100 ebooks that you can read with your child. You will need to sign up for free, as I did so that I could see what was available. The books are in levels starting with Level 1 which is the purple stage, 1+ is pink, 2 is red, 3 is yellow etc. This can be found on  


Take care and stay safe, we are missing you lots

Mrs Soper, Mrs Thompson & Mrs Macrae 

The Reception Team smiley