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Hi All,

Welcome to the Reception Home Learning page. We will be writing daily to give you new ideas for each day. Don't forget the School motto and make sure you are Ready, Respectful and Responsible while you are learning at home.yes


Your children have made great progress so far and are now using their phonics to read and write simple sentences at School. The children know that they will need to help teach you the sounds and I have included a phonics mat in you home pack (phase 2 and 3) to help you.


Here are some ideas to help you get started at home. These are only suggestions based on what we would do in class. You can timetable your day on how it best suits your family and pick things out that work around all of you at home. Remember that the Early Years is based on learning through play (so all play counts!)


PE lesson  Joe Wicks on YouTube or exercise in your garden. (9-9:30am)

Funky fingers/Fine motor skills

(to strengthen

your finger muscles)

Building and taking lego pieces apart,

Playdough (search dough disco for ideas online), 

Cutting with scissors,                               

Using tweezers (or fingers) to pick up hama beads or something similar,

Drawing with chalk, pens, pencils, paintbrushes. Encourage good grip.

Free choice Select their own toys to play with, build models, notepads to write in, water play etc.
Workbook Task Select a task to do from the home workbook pack.
Writing Task Write a sentence using phonics to sound out words (use the phonics mat to help).
Phonics Practise the sounds we have learnt with the phase 3 flashcards and tricky words.
Storytime Read a story to your child from your bookcase or use CBeebies Bedtime stories.
Reading Listen to your child read (Try Oxford Reading Owl for online books)
Maths Try a Maths based worksheet or practise counting and ordering numbers to 20, then up to 100.
Inside activities Yoga (Cosmic Kids Yoga online) / Baking / Music & Singing / Free Choice 
Outside activities Gardening / Wild Kitchen - making mud pies and perfumes / Scooters / Throwing,  catching & kicking a ball


You do not need to do all of these every day, select a few and check out the daily updates for other ideas.


Don't forget to reflect on the day - What was the best part? What made you smile? 


Please take lots of photos to capture these moments. They could be made into a collage or diary of your learning time at home. We are looking forward to hearing and seeing what you have all been up to when we see you next.smiley


Mrs Soper, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Macrae & Mrs Gibson (Reception Team)